Puppies / Talent Show

 So winter is closing in. Already there are stories of the worst weather to hit Britain for decades on the horizon. Awesome! I'm fine with that just be consistent with it so I can wear the same fucking coat for more than two days at a time will ya?
 All this changing temperature and rain then no rain is playing havoc with my immune system, wardrobe and emotional state. I want to smack Mother Nature in the head with my umbrella and choke her out with my scarf.

 Anyway, whilst we wait for the big chill, here is a video that should warm your cockles. A lot has been written about the misadventures of Terry Richardson of late, allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct stemming from 2010.
 All of it could be bull shit, and most of it could be true. I don't think that type of behaviour should be part of the fashion photographer lifestyle particularly. You are dealing with people not inanimate objects.
 Yeah everyone loves a blowjob but it shouldn't be a deal breaker on whether you make the cover of a magazine or not. The models deserve protection and the photographers need to keep it in their pants, keep business and pleasure separate. No one is giving me head whilst I make a pivot table of our latest stock situation. It's not like there aren't tons of opportunities outside of the studio, stay professional.

 I don't have a problem with Richardson or his sets, but then I'm a fan of the models he uses, the publications that subsequently use his work and to be honest of seeing a bit of flesh. Even when that flesh belongs to Action Bronson.

 The model in this video really doesn't need an introduction, it's Kate Upton. I'm not a huge fan, she's cute and all but the thought of being somewhere around ten years too old, one million dollars too broke, not to mention having a wife and kids has rendered me cold to her hotness.
 Still I'd warm my hands on her puppies should I lose my gloves during a blizzard and the opportunity arise. We all would, man and woman alike.

 I apologise (#sorrynotsorry) to anyone expecting a post about cute puppies of the furry kind. If you clicked to see that you are most definitely on the wrong site. I've kept this entry light-hearted and PG-13 as best I could in preparation for my next post. Some will find it offensive and controversial. I won't give it away just yet so just wait and see. I can promise that no animals were harmed in the making of the upcoming blog post. Peace.