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Chain Breaker

  " Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. " James 1:22 I've spent a great deal of time since giving myself to Jesus really and truly filled with the Holy Spirit. Numerous prayers through out my day, watching multiple services weekly, playing countless worship songs, getting into scripture and actively participating with online church and zoom calls kept my cup running over. There were still struggles, many that are shared across not only the country but around the World due to the pandemic. Things like having to homeschool teen-agers, not being able to play team sports or go to the gym, oh and the complete lack of real life social interation and it's affect on mental well-being. And yet no matter how difficult things were I always felt as though I had something extra to give. I've been fired up to serve God, to help where ever I can and to be better by taking advantage of God's goodness in me.  And then along came adhesi