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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

In 34 years I hadn't heard that said, and now I've said it a dozen times in a week.  I recall it being a Tuesday in early September, a particualrly torrid one to be more precise, that I thought I'd better check my hotmail and see how much junk there was to delete.  I love the little message they give you "Wow your mailbox is clean!" or some shit once you've deleted all the Russian Brides / Nigerian Billionaires / Cheap Viagra scams. A little bit of OCD goes a long way it would seem. Kudos to you Microsoft.  So I see sitting right on top an email with the subject of " New Balance Pub Pack Competition ". Hmmm another 'better luck next time but keep following us' email? Worth a look I thought. Only I was wrong, because the email started with -   Dear Paul , Bastard! My shoulders sagged, I reached for the Delete key and that impending "Wow.." message but then saw a little more beneath -   Congratulations - you're the w

Karl Who? (HFCC)

Saw this today on HFCC Blog  and having worked with KL product, it's a must have. Already emailed MM about international shipping, otherwise my brother is going to receive a package to send onto me shortly.