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What if? Part 1 - £1,000,000

This short series of posts is based on the frivolous spending of £1,000,000. Assuming all my other requirements were taken care of and family sorted out. The reality is that should we have a million from say a lotto win we'd spend it on making our lives better, not necessarily more fun or flashy. In the interest of entertaining you I shall spend as much as I can in as few posts as possible without being unrealistic in what I'd buy. To start, and likely to make the biggest dent, like any episode of MTV Cribs you must have vehicles. Having never been an enthusiast I must say as I've matured a few have caught my attention.  Here are a few modern choices to suit and classics I loved growing up purely for nostalgic sake. Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale - £85,000   Harley Davidson Street Bob - £10,995 plus £700 for DAS 5 day course   Ford F150 SVT Raptor - £ 26,000 plus shipping and import cost guess-timate £5,000   They should just abou

"Back From The Dead"

Straight out the casket, rising up Open up your eyes, can't you see me What the fuck is this madness Pick up my bones Erase my name from off the tombstones Alive and kicking Breathin' the air Call out my name punk And I'll be there No question My suggestion to the action Caught smack dab in the middle of the blastin' Messin with me You're messin' with the best Blaow! You're takin' two shots to the chest -House of Pain - "Back From The Dead" Reports of my blogging demise have been exaggerated, once again. I've been away with the family to the Isle Of Wight. I've chosen a handful of what I considered interesting snaps from visits to a Roman villa, Blackgang Chine, Robin Hill and Osborne House. Peace.