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"Whatchu' Talkin' 'Bout Wednesday" - LU x VANS

"I feel the wind, five six seven, eight nine ten  Begin, I sit on Hill's like Lauryn  Until the rain starts, coming down, pouring chill,  I got my umbrella" After a glorious weekend of sunshine today has been an absolute washout. Missy Elliott's song The Rain from 1997 comes to mind when dealing with this humid wet weather. The video, her first of many produced by Hype Williams, using a fish eye lens and featuring a host of artists was outrageous and can be seen below. The London Undercover and Vans Vault collaboration was originally released back in 2016, but if you missed out, amazingly there are two skate-hi models with corresponding umbrellas available on sale via the London Undercover online store HERE . Though the understandably more popular British Woodland Camouflage models are long sold out, the Optical Checkerboard versions, especially the Orchid Haze colour are a steal at these prices.  The shoes feature water resistant suede and laces, a

M*A*S*H*E*D - War Boutique

“ With these new works I wanted to physically manifest some of the real force and impact of modern-day weaponry, and perhaps invoke our collective responsibility and choices around the use and development of such forces” . - War Boutique Having just avoiding possible nuclear war with North Korea, and following President Trump's announcement of sending more troops to Afghanistan, I wondered when was the last time the greatest nation on Earth last experienced peace. What I discovered was not what I expected, but in hindsight adds up. The truth seems to be that the USA has been at war for 222 years out of the last 239 (since 1776).  I also read that a staggering $7.9 trillion is being spent on 'defence'. Before you Brits pipe up, it's apparently impossible to calculate how many years Britain has been at war.  My family has an ongoing history of service in the military something which I'm very respectful and proud of. And so I find I'm particularly drawn

The Simpsons Tattoo / THE 33 CENT STORE

" Who is playing with the London Symphony Orchestra? Come on, people... Somebody ordered the London Symphony Orchestra... " “... possibly while high? Cypress Hill, I’m looking in your direction .” The Simpsons Tattoo Instagram page is selling these Cypress Hill 'Hullabalooza' t-shirts which coincides with real life discussions about a collaboration between the Hill and the London Symphony Orchestra via Twitter.  This is a truly outstanding idea and should have   The Simpsons  and  Cypress Hill  fans in  high spirits .  You can order yours HERE  in  WHITE, GOLD or LIGHT PINK in Large sizes only through pre-sale. More details available via the merchant. After some twenty plus years since the ' Homerpalooza '  episode of The Simpsons it looks like the joke could become a reality.   The buzz has somewhat died down since the last tweet exchange, but I for one would love to see the Barbican Centre full of baked fans, orchestra player

"Whatchu' Talkin' 'Bout Wednesday" - Ryan Gattis

The tagline for this blog - " Life Is About Meeting People, Connecting And Making Things Happen" - is demonstrated nicely in this post.  Next week my buddy Mel and I are heading to the British Library to listen to author  Ryan Gattis discuss LA, noir fiction and street gangs with Jake Kerridge , crime fiction critic for the Daily Telegraph .  Coincidentally, Ryan embodies the saying "You can't judge a book by it's cover." At first glance he looks every bit the midwest raised book nerd when donning a sweater vest, tie and glasses (see photo above). And yet behind this safe (no pun intended) exterior is an intriguing life story. Indeed, beneath this exterior is an arresting story itself with regards to his tattoos. All of this can be read on his bio " MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU'LL EVER NEED ". I implore you to read that before you carry on with my post. I met Ryan in May of last year in London's Bethnal Green at an event put togeth

"Written At Night" Uncommon Nasa

Image Though my love for many forms of music runs deep I don't claim to be an expert in any particular genre. But I'm always carrying my 2¢ and have been eager to post about the forthcoming album "Written At Night" by Uncommon Nasa for some time now. Whilst it's true I've not been a listener until very recently, he's an artist that's been on my peripheral through mutual friend Lyle Horowitz . Having admitted to that it would be erroneous for me to try to appraise his work on the little of his catalogue I've managed to get through, but I still feel it's important to share details of his new release and let you decide for yourself. "Written At Night" is Uncommon Nasa's fourth studio work and first that is fully produced by himself. It features collaborations with Open Mike Eagle, Guilty Simpson, Oh No, Quelle Chris, billy woods, Mike Ladd and many more. This album is a one