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Rebel8 "Hellaween" Collection

There's a lot to be said about a brand that can still find the time to have a little bit of fun. Rebel8 are particularly adept at this and prove my point with two straightforward graphics on this small three piece collection entitled 'Hellaween'. Consisting of one short sleeve and one long sleeve t-shirt alongside a cap, all depicting a crew of recognizable monsters in typical Mike Giant style. And nothing says Halloween like Black and Orange. From a UK point of view you could regard the demand for this kind of release as minimal, with Halloween never really achieving the kind of holiday status is has in the States, but older heads should appreciate it having come from a time when anything from the USA was still considered cool in the playground. These are already selling out on so peep the spooky look-book images below and treat yourself before it's too late. Something fun to wear whilst enjoying a bowl of Count Chocula and Frankenberry cereal on the


" I tell the story of bags with Tommy Record " - Naoki Ichihara of Talking About The Abstract I somewhat fortuitously discovered this collaboration between Talking About The Abstraction and Tommy Boy, consisting of a unisex Clutch Bag and Shape Memory Bag bearing the legendary Tommy Boy logos and the slogan "Listen To Hip Hop.". That a Japanese brand came up with the idea of collaborating with Tommy Boy didn't surprise me. That the collaboration so successfully engaged me and encouraged me to revisit the music and relive the memories most certainly did however. Talking About The Abstract is a brand using the concept of adding various elements to casual wear to produce something altogether new. That is not something particularly new considering many Japanese brands' passion and excellence for reproduction and reappropriation. Where TATA fit in amongst the likes of Sasquatchfabrix and FDMTL is something I'm eager to explore in more depth. Follo

Samurai Cord Bracelet by Dec0eight - Re-UP

" My motivation for this bracelet is to remind ourselves to empower our fight for internal battles. " Hiro Endo Writing this post has been an exercise in procrastination largely because I've not found a way to add shine or elaborate on an already polished and authentic story. We are fortunate in that nearly every brand worth writing about now comes equipped with a hi res lookbook for its collections based on seasonal themes and accompanied by brand ethos. We've seen these curated in both elaborate and modest measures successfully. Occasionally however we come across a story with deeper, richer historical references that appeal to more than just the consumer in us. The story of the Samurai Cord Bracelet has already been written and I urge you to find out more via the recently revamped Dec0eight website after reading what I hope sparks your interest below. Brace Y'self . The Samurai Cord Bracelet by Dec0eight is made ​​from traditional Japanese woven cord

Masayoshi Yoshino of Gallery Kureha - Re-UP

" These skulls are simply not studs. They are jewellery you wear on your leather, instead of your skin. " Masayoshi Yoshino I first discovered Japanese artist Masayoshi Yoshino's work via Instagram, he was customizing jackets, shoes, hats and jeans. I was particularly drawn to his use of skulls made of brass, silver and copper, on leather and denim. This level of custom work was like nothing I'd encountered before. Oh and he also makes rings, cufflinks, bracelets, belt buckles, key chains and a host of other items. With regards to his credentials Masayoshi studied at the Whitireia community polytechnic in Wellington, New Zealand where he gained a certificate in Visual Art and a diploma in Jewellery Design. After returning to Japan he attended the Itami College of Jewellery and in 2013 he started working at Gallery Kureha in Osaka alongside a number of other artists. Recently Masayoshi received an award in the 2014 Japan Leather Awards for a leather jacket he

"Home is...."

" The mind ought sometimes to be diverted that it may return to better thinking. " - Phaedrus After a year and some change of exploring my writing style, meeting some incredible people, and being invited to the best events I have returned to where it all began.  I remain interested in all the things I always was, and serve as contributor and conspirator so expect more of what you saw at The Reference Council. Art, Music, Lifestyle, Interviews, Culture will all feature. This blog also serves as a diary, sounding board and place for entertainment. I hope you will find something here you like and share with your loved ones. - Bossman75