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" I'm super excited and honored to be a part of this very important exhibition 5,000 years in the making. " - Chuey Quintanar Last time I was in LA I got to experience Venice Beach, walk on Santa Monica pier and even caught a glimpse of MADIBA , the Nelson Mandela tribute by David Flores . I also managed to visit my favourite tattoo crew at Deer's Eye studio in Santa Fe Springs.  I'll be in LA again for a few days next month and though it's a business trip I'm hoping to catch up with a couple friends when I'm not working, and get across to the Natural History Museum to see TATTOO .  Tattoo explores more than 5,000 years of history, culture, and art connected to ink through specially commissioned, tattooed silicone forms; hand-drawn art; videos of tattoo ceremonies; interview footage of luminary practitioners; and the technology and tools of the trade—all while also spotlighting the vibrant tattoo scene in L.A.   “ As a Museum

Dälek at The Underworld

“Endangered Philosophies is a very introspective record about very external forces. This isn't about one listen... it's about your evolving perception when you immerse yourself in the layers of sound and words. Endangered Philosophies is a record about the RIGHT NOW and yet will resonate differently each time it is listened to, in a word....timeless." - MC Dälek Tonight  Dälek  (pronounced DIE-uh-leck)  will  be at The Underworld in Camden playing tracks from their eighth album  Endangered Philosophies.  They are champions of a very unique experimental-hip-hop-rock-noise sound with intense sociopolitical lyrics. It wouldn't surprise me if you hadn't heard of them before, but I guarantee  you'll not forget them once you've plugged in. I saw them at the Oslo in Hackney a couple years back and they played a variety of songs from their twenty year catalogue alongside tracks from  Asphalt For Eden .  After the gig I remember struggling to find a way

A Bathing Ape Pirate Store (online)

Image This morning I was pleasantly surprised at the announcement of an online version of the  A Bathing Ape Pirate Store .  The good news is that items that were once only available if a Pirate Store pop-up opened in your city, are now available online. The bad news is no overseas shipping, yet. So it's possible to cop but you'll need to get onto your Japanese friends or a proxy if you see something you like. Don't know if this means an end to physical Pirate stores, I guess time will tell.  Coincidentally this news comes just a few days after OG London Bapehead (amongst many other things)  Mark Whitfield   posted pics of an exclusive Pirate Store crewneck and hoodie  featuring my most coveted Bape logo  on his Instagram page. Over the years  Nigo  has paid homage to many styles and subcultures via his logos, and for me the Ape Crossbones logo best represents rock 'n roll / heavy metal music. Easy to see why it's a favourite of a badass l