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Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it

You play the guitar on the MTV. A pivotal song and video for the MTV generation. A generation that ironically didn't seem to last all that long. Sure, MTV as a channel still exists, along with it's various spin off channels, none of which are dedicated to MUSIC as far as I can tell. Although I have been off work for two days with flu I resisted the urge to watch some of the garbage now being touted as entertainment on MTV. But like everyone has an ass hole, I have an opinion none the less. A valid one too since I was around at the BEGINNING and believe we are now long past the END of music television. MTV promised much and did so within the guidelines of good taste and censorship. We all knew the censorship would be tested and confronted, that's just music. However what I'm sure none of us expected was for it to turn full circle and become basically a porno channel full of adverts. Late night only viewings of videos like N*E*R*D's Lapdance became commonpl

Catch Up

"To bring an activity to completion or to a state of currentness" There has been a number of worthy events in the last couple of months. Here's my two cents on just a couple or three - Presidential debates, or rather popularity contests. The reason I say that is my understanding of politics is minimal due to not really feeling I need to know the finer details. I get by generalising when it comes to political parties as I believe the task is the same for all and the result is the only way we can judge. So really for me the debates are between the President and his achievements and failings compared to someone with nothing but words and promises to offer, making it not about who did what but who we like the most at this moment in time. Also I question if four years is anywhere near enough time to make anything happen that would ensure a second term. I do feel its pointless it being so public, televised and costly for these campaigns. People who vote are capable of read