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Last night I got the chance to see an exhibition called Brutal with my good friend Mel. After stopping in at a couple of stores and snagging a bargain each we were ready. Sadly I took us the complete wrong direction to start with and we ended up at McDonalds. Once we had refuelled and Mel had checked a map, we were once more on our way to what we expected to be a pretty cool gallery. Turns out it was being held in the basement of an unused and dilapidated office block. It was dark, damp and fairly oppressive. There were trashed rooms, hidden corners, interactive areas, huge video installations and real life performances. I was impressed by the different mediums used and it was a pleasure seeing the photographic work of Estevan Oriol in the flesh. It would do the exhibition an injustice for me to try and describe how it made me feel in there. Also it may well affect people in different ways. For sure some aspects were haunting, some inspiring and some captivating. If you wa

Wish Upon A Dog Star *updated*

With both my birthday and Christmas on the horizon, I have been keeping an eye out for cool shit. Not like I need an excuse for that of course. As you know I'm a big fan of liking things but never actually getting them. It's lasting appreciation over the temporary satisfaction of physically owning something. We've been over this before. It doesn't always work with everything. However there are a few existing items on my list gathering dust, and a couple new additions I would actually love to have. Firstly because they are particularly bad ass, but also importantly because they have links to good people. With a trip to the USA only sixty days away it would be foolish to spend any money on myself right now, I know this, but should the opportunity arise (like I manage to sell some shit on eBay) or even better should anyone wish to treat me, below is my list of awesomeness to keep close at hand. HEAVY FUCKING METAL - by Black Lodges SABINA BACK SEAT - by F