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Three Things To Do Every Day

I believe there are three things you can do every day that can change the course of your life. Number one, expect God’s goodness. Get up every day looking for God’s favor. Number two, recognize God’s goodness. There are no coincidences, no lucky breaks. It’s all the goodness of God. And number three, always thank God for His goodness. Anytime something good happens, big or little, give God the glory. “Lord, thank You for that parking spot. Lord, thank You for that idea. Lord, thank You for sending me dew in my desert.” - Joel Osteen's message for today I'd like to add to that last part "Lord, Thank you for making it possible to see Everlast tonight." Tonight at the 100 Club London Ev is doing "An acoustic evening with Everlast" and this thing sold out immediately. I only came across the date recently and spent the last week or so checking daily all ticket sites, ebay, gumtree, everywhere. I've not had the pleasure of experiencing the 100 Club so really

Cursed Male / Cursed Female

If you didn't already know of my love for rock & roll, tattoos and my wife then just leave. Go. Get out of here now. We took a day off work to spend some quality time together, at the always impressive Immortal Ink studio in Chelmsford. My wife has spent many an hour there under the awesome needle of Lianne Moule, and today we were both the canvas for her equally amazing sister Leah Moule. Tattoo TV says of Leah - Ms. Moule is a custom tattooist with a very strong signature style and a love of bright colour, new school and neo old school pieces.   Leah is owner of Spear Tattoo studio in Birmingham. She does guest spots at Immortal Ink, usually around the time of the Essex Tattoo Expo, and we saw our chance to get on the table. I've spent quite a long time thinking about this piece, the idea has stuck with me and never waned. I hadn't quite put together how it would be translated onto my skin though. Knowing my wife was having her rib piece started by Leah

Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (t-shirts)

I love this song by The Standells, and the version by Minor Threat especially. Oh yeah, there are a few versions done by a few different bands. I'm liking this one by the Vaccines - I'm sure I've used this title for a blog post before, so I added the (t-shirts) and hey presto...... Soul Assassins Spring 12   Available from MERCHMETHOD.COM . Cypress Forever, Forever Cypress - Sen Dog Available from LITERATES . Trans Band Tee Available from  FAMOUSSAS.COM    Available from TRIBALGEAR.COM PS I'm still reeling from losing over 6 hours of work on my part 2 and 3 of Tattoo-thousand & 12 blog posts. I gotta get back in the right frame of mind before I can try and salvage something from that. In the mean time retail therapy always helps. I'm very happy to say I am the proud owner of two of the above t-shirts, just waiting for the mail man to deliver. -Bossman75

746INDASTREETS.COM: London Calling

In case you didn't know, the internet isn't just about searching for boobs any more (of course they are still there if you want to find them). Social Media connects people with similar tastes and experiences who otherwise may not have had the chance to 'meet-up'. Through my interest in all things SA and CA I came across the guys from 746INDASTREETS . It's been my pleasure to find out more about their movement and I hope to do what I can to extend their reach to London and beyond. When something works and represents good, there really are no boundaries. I asked Jason for a brief explanation of what they are all about: " 746 INDASTREETS founded by Raul G. Orozco and Jason McCliman is a street movement clothing line representing any and all street movements.746 stands for 7 days a week, 4 cities, 6 sales. That is our daily grind and weekly goal. Everyday hitting four cities trying to make six sales. INDASTREETS because we are not industry, we're ind

Tattoo-thousand and 12 (pt1)

Part one "Never before have I felt as comfortable in my skin as I do now" - Robert G. Boswell III, 36, Husband, Father and Bad Ass.  Just subscribed to Inked magazine for the iPad and been meaning to blog about tattoos for a while now. Thought it worth covering a few areas (pun intended) that are often brought up in regards to the subject of skin art. As well as offering an insight to what I have and why.  The most common question I get asked is "what are you going to look like when you are eighty?" Easy answer, old and wrinkled I'd imagine, who cares by then? People who are lucky enough to reach that age could be living with far worse regrets, remorse and demons.   It's always the non tattooed that ask the same old stuff. It's really not hard to go online and do some research. I'm really not that knowledgable about the origins and history of tattooing. I like what I like and find out as much as I can about certain artists who's work cat


The blog and I are having some creativity and design issues. I promise that we will be back on track this week without fail. In the mean time here are some beautiful things that have caught my eye since my last post. Female - Mila Kunis by Terry Richardson  (via Highsnobiety) Design - Only the Brave Tattoo by Mister Cartoon for Diesel Artist - Usugrow by Backwoods Gallery (via Hypebeast)     Product - the Motorcycle Jacket Chuck Taylor by Converse And that wraps it up. Blogger was being a pain in the ass tonight but I got this done, and two additional posts drafted so PTL. Expecting a long day tomorrow at work, however will be finishing with a gig to see Mark Lanegan at the Shepherds Bush Empire with the legend Mel. -Bossman75