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"Think punk meets nineties sport and everything in-between." I can't find a great deal of information about SCUM  so I'm gonna give my best hypothesis ahead of today's second drop of designs. What I do know for certain is the brand is fronted by RatBoy , a musician hailing from Essex and winner of NME magazine's  Best New Artist 2016 . Although I've not knowingly heard anything he's done, just him being on Tim Armstrong's Hellcat Records label is enough for me to scramble to catch up. And I say fronted by because it's a partnership between Jordan and a streetwear stalwart who shall for now remain nameless.  From what I can tell RatBoy has already tried his hand at design using SCUM as a label with t-shirts on his own bigcartel site and US online retailer Zumiez, but this certainly strikes me as more of a cultivated collection of work between both parties.  I'm gutted I missed the first drop, hopefully they'll repost as