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Tonight, Tonight

  This is how it's going to go down! (*edited!)     The wife and I are meeting @isgeneralwaste at The Shaston Arms in Soho for a cold beer in the sunshine, followed by dinner with him and his missus at  Wahaca in Soho. Then off to the 9 o'clock showing of Tattoo Nation at the Odeon in Panton Street. Should be a great night! Maybe get some photos to post up afterwards. Peace. -Bossman75


Some things on my mind, in my ears, on the net and in the stores. Enjoy.                       Coca Cola x Bounty Hunter Supreme x Misfits Transplants (Usugrow) Daft Punk (Saint Laurent Paris) Motorhead Mercedes DJ Hero 2 (Wii) Carhartt Vans Syndicate Era (3M) Eric Gonzalez and Toshi Takahashi (Happy Birthday to Toshi!) Chi Cheng (R.I.P.) Peace. -Bossman75