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Nothing's Shocking 2013

Jane's Addiction released the album Nothing's Shocking in 1988, and on it was the song "Ted, Just Admit It". Ranging from sombre to foaming at the mouth in attitude, with a bass line and drum beat that penetrates the soul, this song continues to have strong and very relevant meaning twenty five years later, and that is upsetting. Of course everyone can interpret any lyric in their own way and fine meaning and relevance but for me this is a great example of what we are currently and sadly still experiencing in regards to the media and press. Camera got them images Camera got them all Nothing's shocking... Showed me everybody Naked and disfigured Nothing's shocking... Thought to portray the link between the desire and gratification of both sex and killing (including the then topical story of serial killer Ted Bundy), it also speaks of the constant barrage of obscene and indecent imagery and account of events that leaves us desensitised to horror

Upcoming Attractions - 2013

I needed something to post that I could do on my lunch break today. I'd have been out running but my kit smells like a sewer and it's raining cats and dogs outside. So instead here are some things I'm really looking forward to this year. First up is the James Jarvis "Objects in Space" exhibition at Beach London Gallery. Having seen collaboration work from the London artists with brands like Nike, Stussy, Silas, Hello Kitty and Coka Cola (not to mention his range of lovable vinyl characters including Martin, Wiggs, Caleb and my favourite King Ken through Amos (R.I.P.)), it will be good to experience his own work up close and personal. I've been to Beach once before and it's a great space that will no doubt be filled with good people. Following this I will be attending my first ever live MMA event with my brother, at the Watford Colesseum . We will be sat ringside so probably close enough to get blood splattered from some vicious elbows or hammer