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    Something I've had going around and around my head lately. As opposed to SUPER B M MBERMAN! the classic game which would be cool also. But no, Im talking about clothing. The flight jacket , bomber jacket , or bombardier jacket refers to a garment originally created for pilots. They eventually became part of popular culture and apparel. I don't believe I have ever owned or worn a bomber jacket before now*. Growing up I associated them with skinheads and rough types, always the black and orange colourway too. Today they can be seen in various forms and colours and are available from all over the place. From high fashion to high street and everywhere in between. The best ones in my opinion are from the likes of The Real McCoys emmulating the original military flight jackets, made for practical reasons and the fact they look amazing and capture interest come second. I will say that a cheap bomber jacket cannot disguise itself, it will always look cheap. T

Born To Be Wild

It will have been impossible to not have noticed the resurgance of beards over the past couple of years. Although I speak from a UK point of view, the fact that Hollywood celebs are sporting them at red carpet events (read: Baftas ) leads me to believe that it is true across the pond as well.  My view on beards originally was that they were mostly for Geography teachers, lumberjacks and tramps. That was until my brother grew one for work (pic below), and everything changed. To my knowledge he is the first to have grown a beard in my family. I'm not talking about just some fuzz, shadow or even goatee. I'm talking fully fledged home for a family of birds type of beard. I started off cautiously, growing a beard in support of my brother whilst he was on tour. This meant I could test the waters for a few months and shave if it looked awful. I have to say I love having a beard, it's never been itchy but does grow unevenly so isn't without some frustrations. Every week

What's wrong with Bill?

I can't promise this will be a weekly feature but I will try and make it happen. Today's topic covers two things I love, sneakers and Hip Hop. First up something tasty, limited and of course sold out. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of Southern California based store BLENDS teamed up with Vans and created the BLENDS X VANS VAULT SK8 HI ZIP LX BLACK LEATHER below. In their own words - Vans and Blends celebrate the Southern California boutique's 10-year anniversary with the Vault by Vans x Blends Sk8-Hi Zip LX. The original design of the iconic high top is revamped with buttery leather upper construction, heel zip closure and bone-patterned jazz stripe. Limited to 100 pairs. This to me screams quality, style and some edge. I'm not usually a fan of the Sk8 Hi but this one caught my interest and had me thinking seriously about trying to get hold of a pair. Not for too long tho, they sold out within minutes of going live online. I believe retail was som

Stars, Stripes and Roses

New feature alert! On my radar this week courtesy of the usual haunts Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Slamxhype and The Daily Street come the following - First off we have the 2012/13 US Replica Centennial jersey. It's simplistic and yet bold as brass. The oversized badge literally had me puffing my chest out with patriotic pride just at the meer sight of it. I have a couple or three jerseys from previous tournaments and would very much like to add this to my collection. If you are a baller you can get the authentic players version, or for seventy-five bucks less get the replica. Both available currently at Nike . The N98 Authentic jacket is also a solid look. And my second choice is an unusual one for me. The Supreme x Vans Rose Print chukkas. From reading the hype it seems the Eras from this pack will be the most popular, but for me the silhouette and additional space for as bold a print as this works better with the chukka. No doubt the entire pack will sell out immediat

The Writing's On The Wall

If you make sure you're connected, the writing's on the wall. But if your mind's neglected, stumble you might fall, stumble you might fall. I've had quite a lot on my mind since I last posted, much of it happened to be very good ideas for the blog. The rest was the usual mix of family matters, work, the Arsenal and what have you. However I have also been suffering from a lack of intent let's say. Although my mind was brimming with content, I simply couldn't muster enough creative energy to get anything done. I found that to be immensely frustrating and this was causing behavioural problems in what was supposed to be my fun time. I mean weekends where I should be enjoying time with my family were becoming anxiety filled, migraine suffering displays of intolerance and impatience on my part. I know we all have that side of us, but this was becoming my main characteristic and the disappointment I felt further spurred on the vicious cycle. I literally felt l