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Rest In Power MCA

His style was wild and you know that it still is. First things first along with many others I'm still deeply feeling the loss of Adam Yauch. I wont attempt to catalogue his achievements as these are readily available and not the point of this entry. It's become visibly obvious that he was more to so many than simply an entertainer. The world has lost a great man, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. The universe doesn't feel the same. I'm so grateful for the way his music, vision and humanity had a positive effect on me. There has never been a group like the Beasties, and I can't even comprehend anyone coming close. They took all the skill they possessed, combined it and used it for the power of good. Whether it was a business suit, boiler suit or track suit MCA rocked it with finesse. I loved seeing him in a button down personally, grown man style. I was slow to warm to the latest Beastie album, production was from another gal
pos·sessed (p-zst) adj. 1. Owning or mastering something. Used with of: one who is possessed of great wealth. 2. Controlled by or as if by a spirit or other force; obsessed: a teenager by love possessed. 3. Calm; collected: one who remained possessed in times of great trial. I would have never imagined how relevant that description of possessed could be to how I'm feeling. I find it fascinating the meaning includes the topics of wealth, love and great trial. Sure I'm reading it in such a way to find relevance, or am I? As mentioned previously I would categorise myself as a have-not in terms of wealth or material possessions. When it comes to spiritual, emotional and basically all the other good stuff then I am indeed a Boss by all accounts. However as much as I appreciate that I live a happy and satisfied life, the lust for that of which I do not have is still strong. This remains a real problem, regardless of my intellect, my understanding of what's import