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Huey Lewis & The News

Did I mention that the subjects of my posts may have absolutely nothing to do with the post itself? You're all pretty smart, some just pretty, some just smart, never the less you'd have worked it out. I really don't know what happened today. If I look back over the past 16 hours, at no point did I have any reason to get upset or have cause to moan. And yet, by lunch time I had turned into a complete ass hole. The only way I can describe it is that my brain was sending both positive and negative messages simultaneously, and I just couldn't work out what was going on. Already an unpleasant state of mind to be in, then add guilt and anger to the mix. So I had zero patience with the kids, and barely spoke to anyone else. I muddled through but couldn't have made it more obvious that something was wrong, I just didn't know what. I still don't. I've long ago figured out that running is very good for my physical AND mental health. I took a leisurely jog that


Some days keeping it simple works the best, and reaps the most rewards. I'm talking spiritual and emotional rewards. I'm thankful today for the Sun, our home and garden, my children, wifey working, my job and the holiday it entitles me to, and all of our health. " How d'you know where're you goin' if you don't look back ?" Man I love House of Pain . I've experienced enough to know that you have to move on, but I've yet to understand how to forgive and forget. And I'm still grasping the art of reflection and mastering Self Acceptance. So as much as I'd love to agree with Everlast, on this one I gotta stand beside Joel Osteen when he says - " Are you determined to forget what lies behind? I know many people don’t fully understand what it means to forget the past. They wonder, “How can I forget something that’s happened to me?” But one definition of the word forget means to disregard intentionally, or to overlook. You have to intentio

Ideas and Causes

I hope you didn't think I'd forgotten! It's been a busy day and I have a small bit of down time to do this before bed. I was brain storming like crazy last night, scribbling away in my note pad whilst my wife slept. I won't lie, I'm finding it much trickier to get up in the mornings when I've stayed up 'late'. I won't however tell you what time I consider to be late. Hey I'm still a cool guy, at least for now. So things are happening. Great! Only I can't pour it all out at once, that reminds me of the lyrics - "If I could stick my pen in my heart And spill it all over the stage Would it satisfy ya, would it slide on by ya Would you think the boy is strange? Ain't he strange?" Yeah that's going to feature heavily in my blogs from now on. Little snippets of lyrics and what not. So how do I choose what to run with? Do I need to think so much about it? I'll try not to over complicate things. Let's start slowly and co

Time for a change

Whilst having what I believe was my sixth poop today (my stomach hates me), I got to thinking that this blog has been kind of flakey and not exactly what I set out for it to be. Hence the various layout and design changes over the last few months. I can't quite make it sit right. So maybe I'm looking at it all wrong. I feel I have some sort of creative block on currently (actually it's been over quite some time but I'm somewhat in denial). I admit, I've grown to love Facebook, after my initial resistance to it. And it offers a great deal, but I want to give this blog what I can't necessarily give Facebook. Maybe a more personal part of me, and seeing as not many people actually read this anyway, I think I have pretty much free range to bare all and go wild, figuratively speaking. Although a very good friend of mine gave me a wonderful gift of a writing pad, I've not used it nearly enough, and so in the short term at least maybe this can spark my passion an

Thierry Henry first goal for New York Red Bulls v Tottenham Hotspur

Whilst I'm at it why not show a Legend scoring against the Scum? Good luck in NY TT!

Primitive x Justene Jaro x Nike Air Max 90 Infrared

Ok one more hot chick and footwear related video, as it's Friday. I love these sneaks. Had my first pair when I was 15 or 16 I think, so was very happy to be able to pick up another after all this time.

Megan Daniels x Estevan Oriol x TITS Video

It's no secret that I love Estevan's work. It's also no secret I love boobs and tattoos. So this is my treat for Friday. Enjoy. T.I.T.S. x Estevan Oriol Ft. Megan Daniels Photoshoot from TITS Brand on Vimeo .

Vans till I DIE


Lillywhites x Nike x Arsenal (LONDON)

Nice window dressing previewing our new Away strip, at the store here in London. Cesc is staying, deal with it Barca fans.

Tommy x Keith Haring Collection - Part Deux

Sneaky peak from the showroom of the collection that will be released later this year at select dept. stores and independants. It's a very strong and more diverse selection this time around. Colourful, fresh and unmistakebly Keith Haring. Apparel in way of tees and hoodies will also be available. The kid's wear stuff is awesome.

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, "

" - without a blog post to step to." Rakim would turn in his grave at me using that for this, wait, he's not dead is he. I better watch my back then. But yeah, phone is fixed, major source of my photos and therefore blog ideas. I'm back.