Time for a change

Whilst having what I believe was my sixth poop today (my stomach hates me), I got to thinking that this blog has been kind of flakey and not exactly what I set out for it to be. Hence the various layout and design changes over the last few months. I can't quite make it sit right.
So maybe I'm looking at it all wrong. I feel I have some sort of creative block on currently (actually it's been over quite some time but I'm somewhat in denial).

I admit, I've grown to love Facebook, after my initial resistance to it. And it offers a great deal, but I want to give this blog what I can't necessarily give Facebook. Maybe a more personal part of me, and seeing as not many people actually read this anyway, I think I have pretty much free range to bare all and go wild, figuratively speaking.

Although a very good friend of mine gave me a wonderful gift of a writing pad, I've not used it nearly enough, and so in the short term at least maybe this can spark my passion and feel for getting words out of my brain and onto the page. I really feel the need to remove the shackles that bind my imagination and free thought, and hope this will go some way in doing that.

If you enjoy the ride with me on this personal journey, then God bless you and I hope it's at least entertaining, and at best that it inspires you to do something you've always wanted to do. And if you don't read this or don't have even the mildest intention of giving a crap, then SUCK IT! Hey, you won't have read that anyway right?

So, I'll try by making a post everyday for the next week. It's a realistic start. I will still feel the need to post vids and photos, but also want to add the substance this blog has lacked since it's introduction. I'm not after glory, fame or stardom. I'll be happy with finding a new perspective and self awareness. My first deep and meaningful blog entry is to follow. And before you wonder what has happened to the Bossman, don't even worry. There will be more boobs and sneakers to come. Hang tight.

*And thank you to Mel for being an inspiration to me, much more than you perhaps realise.