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Born Free?

No one can choose the family they are born into, that's a certified fact. Some are born privileged and with a responsibility they cannot shrug aside. Friday April 29th marked the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton . An event that I could hardly wait to avoid at whatever cost. I just didn't see the attraction. Sure I've followed the Princes growing up and have been interested in their careers in the British Armed Forces. I put that down to a generation thing, and because it seems to me that both William and Harry are down to earth guys doing what we'd all like to think we'd do in their position. I have got to admit it took all of maybe 30 seconds watching events unfold on the TV and I was hooked. I loved watching it all play out, and I felt genuine happiness for the couple. The entire wedding served to prove that this country, and indeed the monarchy, has something to offer not only it's people, but even the World. The Royal Family stood

F ck what Ricky Bobby thinks!

Perfect Gentlemen - Tommy Hilfiger (Drapers magazine April 15th) 2nd place is an achievement and one to be proud of. Take a bow!

Interview with.....

....not a Bram Stoker movie. I've had the pleasure of interviewing Camilla Lehn, creator of Strings . A beautiful person, making beautiful jewellery. It's sparked my creative and inquisitive juices. I'm working on my next interview already, with who and what I have in mind is private for now. However, I like to keep those of you who follow me interested, so here are the titles (all work in progress and awaiting permission) - The World in Black & Grey  That's the Chicago Way  Sole, Skin & Survival Reach out to those that inspire and make a difference. The World is Ours. -Bossman

Influential 2011

influential; Having great influence on someone or something. adjective 1. important, powerful, moving, telling, leading, strong, guiding, inspiring, prestigious, meaningful, potent, persuasive, authoritative, momentous, weighty. 2. instrumental, important, significant, controlling, guiding, effective, crucial, persuasive, forcible, efficacious. Chuey Quintanar, Edgar Hoill, Mr Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, Usugrow, Jun Cha, DJ Muggs, DJ Solo - Thank you all.


Dear Whitstable, The 90's want their club nights back. Yours Sincerely, -Bossman

Hey Ho!

Perfect way to kick off a summer's day! Get over to DJ SOLO's site and DL the new EP.

Wet & Wild

Thank you to SLAMXHYPE for brightening my day with this vid from Ray-Ban® - Never Hide. -Bossman

Quarter pounder

Sometimes I really don't have much to say, but something I want to share none the less. This song has been on my mind (and my iPod) all week. This video has it all. Enjoy. -Bossman

Pride (before the Fall)

My son will be starting school this coming September at St. Paul's CEP School. This is outstanding and we have been very blessed. It is notoriously difficult to get into this school, and our prayers were answered. St Paul's CEP School is now in the top 100 performing primary schools in England and 4th in Kent. As for swagger, how's this for uniform - Short or long grey trousers White shirt School jumper Grey socks School tie School blazer Black shoes - not trainers or boots Ok maybe not, but we all know JRTB will look nothing short of pure Radness. I whole heartedly agree with their mission statement  and I eagerly await my son's first day marking the beginning of a great experience for him, and indeed us as a family. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Their School Prayer - This is our school, let peace dwell here. Let the rooms be full of contentment, let love abide here. Love of one another, love of mankind, l

STRINGS attached - an interview with Camilla Lehn

I've had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to a wonderful artist from Denmark, Camilla Lehn. She's kindly agreed to a little Q&A so we can all get to know her a little bit better. Read on! B>Tell us a little bit about Camilla Lehn, the artist and creator of Strings. CL> Born and raised in Denmark. I have always been fascinated by creativity. Even though I love fashion and is fascinated by design, I do not see myself as a slave to the latest trends… I tend to go with my own style and I love to leave people with a quirky impression (them not being able to figure me out :). You never know where I´m at :) B>When did u first think of the concept for Strings. What sort of reception did they get? CL> I started out buying some leather string and actually just tried knitting it… I took parts of my grandmother’s old jewelry or other stuff I could find in my jewelry shrine and implemented it into my bracelets to add the personality. These kinds of br