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Storm Watkins again? Aww yeah!! Again n' again! By sheer coincidence the last WTBW post I did was an interview with Storm Watkins back in September of 2017.  This time the post is about his latest instrumental album "Make Producers Great Again"  that was released on Monday of this week. Storm hit me up at the beginning of this year letting me know this was in the works and I had hoped to follow up with him and build expectations, but it's here now and here are my thoughts. Firstly let's talk about the cover art - a red cap with the album title emblazoned on the front - akin to the Make America Great Again cap Donald Trump used in his 2016 campaign. For half the nation it's a symbol of shaking up the system, draining the swamp, a call to action for the working class. For others it's a seen as a symbol of hate and has been used as an excuse for violent attacks both physical and against free speech. Whichever side of the political aisle you sit