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Impromptu visit to the Tate Modern

Sunday 9th March 2014

BRIT Awards 2014 - An alternative view

I'm sceptical about any music award shows, their legitimacy overall even down to the alleged public voting. Having made this clear, I can't recall ever watching the BRITs on TV to be honest, or really caring much about winners of the awards. I put my hand up to being somewhat of a music snob, not entirely convinced by award shows in general and not often moved by popular chart music. I gave up on commercial radio some time ago, even now listening to Radio6 is getting somewhat repetitive. So having said that, the last place I imaged I'd be on the evening of February 19th was suited up, with the wife and enjoying the ceremony, live at the O2. Yes you read that right, I was not only there, but I'm also not ashamed to say that I enjoyed it. A lot has to be said about having the wife (certified  MILF ) in a sexy outfit and ridiculous heels, plus a good few pints to help reach that conclusion, however the live performances certainly sealed the deal. If I hadn't won ti