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Same As It Ever Was

"It's all Hip Hop" - Erik 'Everlast' Schrody This past week I got to see one of my all time favourites groups perform live. It really was something I thought would never happen. Celebrating twenty years of House of Pain, Everlast and Danny Boy rocked the Scala to great effect. Minus DJ Lethal (on tour with Limp Bizkit), with a live band and DJ Lego on the tables they kept it old school, with tributes to the lives of those lost to us. (Guru, Nate Dog, Amy Winehouse..) They brought more than a couple surprises, with West Coast beats and HOP rhymes over the top. Was really messing with my head at times! To kick off the show, we had an hour set by an unannounced and unnamed DJ. He dropped several bangers, mostly bass heavy and West Coast flavoured, the crowd were really feeling it and warming up for the main event. Everlast came out to The Shadows' "Apache" playing the famed riff and thoroughly enjoying himself. The man is music. That's ev

Good Morning America, How are Ya?

This post threatens to go on and on so I will try and keep it to the point, and make the point hopefully clear. Assuming there is a point of course. For those that don't know, I was born in the ass kicking US of A. The day before my tenth birthday I was brought to the shores of the United Kingdom along with my two younger brothers. And here I have settled, survived and even succeeded far more than could have been predicted. During this time, it is safe to say there have been ups and downs in my personal life. Hindsight can be a bringer of peace and rest to the soul, if you allow it to be. It can also screw you over, but that's not me. If it happened in 1985, leave it in 1985. Sure, work to understand it, but move on. A buddy of mine coined the phrase  'Shaped in America' for his company. I found great comfort in that phrase. I've asked the question before "Why after 'X' amount of years away from home am I so fiercely patriotic?". Imagine tha

3 is the magic number

So I didn't win any part of last weeks £166 Million Euro Millions Jackpot . And yet I still feel as though all my numbers and the bonus ball came up. In terms of gigs this year I have been blessed with the chance to see three of my all time favourite bands / artists. First off were Puddle of Mudd in a very intimate venue - Dingwalls . To be fair to them I was expecting a lot. There's not many bands that live and breathe Rock and Roll in the same way as these guys. I hoped they were going to show us that. Having not seen them play Live before, they did that and more. Wesley displayed great emotion during some of the fans' favourites. TNT was a hit for the London crowd too. I was not disappointed in their energy, execution and they tore the roof off that little shack. Next up for me will be House of Pain (minus DJ Lethal who I believe is touring with Limp Bizkit). I honestly thought the chance of seeing Danny Boy and Everlast was long gone, especially whilst still

♫♫......If there's a cure for this......♫♫

The Boss family has recently returned from some truly outstanding (and desperately needed) R&R in northern France. We were blessed with great weather and idyllic surroundings. France takes a lot of stick from my fellow patriots, but really you must go and experience for yourself what the country has to offer. Wifey has the full photo albums on her Facebook, that's her job. My job is to pick just a handful of my favourite snapshots and say something amusing and if possible enlightening on my blog. Appropriate or not, I've had this song on my mind ever since the idea of this post sparked in my brain - I guess by " If there's a cure for this, I don't want it, I don't need it " I'm referring to the kids and their apparent (and possibly hereditary) insanity. We love that they are naturally just as goofy and utterly adorable as their parents. We're definitely doing something right. Yeah I blew my own horn there. It's not only Ron J tha

The Good Life

Just back from seven days of quality family time and R&R in the French sun. Just to kick shit back into life here's an outstanding video directed by Estevan Oriol "Saturday Night" by Travis Barker ft The Transplants & Slash. (good few cameos too) "Listen to me closely, I'm a straight shooter" Be happy and stay healthy, and in doing so make those that matter to you happy. It's as easy as that. -Bossman75