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Unlucky 13 - The International London Tattoo Convention 2017

Today the 13th edition of the International London Tattoo Convention  begins and it's the first I've missed since 2008. Held once again at the Tobacco Docks and boasting over 400 international artists as well as live acts like the Fuel Girls and artists like Cam Rackam . Each year it's touted as bigger and better than ever, and that's likely apart from one exception. The crew from Deer's Eye Studio in LA won't be in attendance.  If I'm honest as much as I like the atmosphere, the entertainment, the food and booze, really the reason I keep going is to see the guys. In previous years I've had the honour of meeting some of the World's greatest artists, including legends like Jack Rudy who will be in attendance and I believe tattooing this weekend. A small part of me does wish I was going but not enough to do anything about it. This weekend I have plans which I would have gotten out of had they travelled but for whatever reason the show mus

"Whatchu' Talkin' 'Bout Wednesday" - Storm Watkins

"Music remains my first love..." - Storm Watkins I've yet to come across another musician with the prodigious output of Baltimore native and recently appointed CEO of All Gold Kings,  Storm Watkins .  I've listened to his work for a handful of years now and still feel like I have barely scratched the surface. We spoke about doing an  interview with which I was hoping to capture the essence of an independent artist in 2017, and what  I ended up discovering was more about the kind of music artists like Storm are creating and why it's so important. I suggest you head to his Bandcamp page and download everything you can whilst you enjoy this interview. The Interview Top 3 beat makers? "Easy..  J.Dilla, Charles Hamilton, Jerrell Lofton " How have they inspired you? "Dilla showed me that you can be as soulful as The Funk Brothers from Motown but still be as gritty & hiphop as ever. Charles showed me that there is n