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"Think punk meets nineties sport and everything in-between."
I can't find a great deal of information about SCUM so I'm gonna give my best hypothesis ahead of today's second drop of designs.

What I do know for certain is the brand is fronted by RatBoy, a musician hailing from Essex and winner of NME magazine's Best New Artist 2016. Although I've not knowingly heard anything he's done, just him being on Tim Armstrong's Hellcat Records label is enough for me to scramble to catch up. And I say fronted by because it's a partnership between Jordan and a streetwear stalwart who shall for now remain nameless. 

From what I can tell RatBoy has already tried his hand at design using SCUM as a label with t-shirts on his own bigcartel site and US online retailer Zumiez, but this certainly strikes me as more of a cultivated collection of work between both parties. 

I'm gutted I missed the first drop, hopefully they'll repost as an archive at some point…

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