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"Whatchu' Talkin' 'Bout Wednesday" - Storm Watkins

"Music remains my first love..." - Storm Watkins
I've yet to come across another musician with the prodigious output of Baltimore native and recently appointed CEO of All Gold Kings, Storm Watkins. I've listened to his work for a handful of years now and still feel like I have barely scratched the surface. We spoke about doing an interview with which I was hoping to capture the essence of an independent artist in 2017, and what I ended up discovering was more about the kind of music artists like Storm are creating and why it's so important. I suggest you head to his Bandcamp page and download everything you can whilst you enjoy this interview.

The Interview

Top 3 beat makers?
"Easy..  J.Dilla, Charles Hamilton, Jerrell Lofton"

How have they inspired you?
"Dilla showed me that you can be as soulful as The Funk Brothers from Motown but still be as gritty & hiphop as ever. Charles showed me that there is no limits in music. Period. Jerrell (who taught m…

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