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Recap, or is it?

I thought about a recap on 2010, then realised I have almost no recollection from all the months that have passed, so let's not go there. Blogging has taken a back seat for me in the last month. Work has become very hectic, lots of new responsibilities, training and meetings. It's exactly what I signed up for so I'm not complaining. Just learning how to adapt and adjust so I can continue to do the things I love outside of the office. It is my intention to make necessary changes and really to become something of a great force within the company. Not just for myself, but the team I have been blessed with and anyone else who wishes to come on board. This has been viewed as 'ruffling some feathers'. So be it. Some times a good plucking is what's needed to take things forward! This year my family did lose two beloved members. Maxine Joy Boswell, and Robert Gordon Boswell. I really couldn't have asked for better grandparents. Joy was the embodiment of Love and

99 problems but this blog ain't one

It's been a while so said Stained, and it has. But I've just realised how I can bring Sexy, I mean blogging back. Mobile blogging. Wow am I slow or what? So it'll look ugly compared to posts done on a pc but it'll work. Update - it's been snowing. I turned 35 this week . Also Samir Nasri is on fire. That's it for post #99, I'll try to make the next one Big! -Bossman