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SPREAD the Word

Grafters. Perfectionists. Purveyors of only the finest quality goods. Friends. The Buttery Store Get over and get your fill of the best hand chosen Prime Cuts. You will not be disappointed. Tell a friend. Tell a hundred friends. -Bossman75

American Hardcore

It's Friday people. It's a Bank Holiday weekend, 3 days off work gives me good family time and also some space to be creative and thoughtful and post something decent on here. Expect the unexpected......or don't. Up to you. -Bossman75

♪When You've Got So Much To Say....

....It's called Gratitude, and that's right.♪( Beastie Boys ) You should know I'm a fan of the 'mash-up' by now. It kinda sucked to read that an artist I respect is tired of hearing that term, especially when he is so  AWESOME at creating the best examples of it. I can understand where he's coming from but also I think when done right then there is no end to the joy it can bring. And I'm not just talking about music. Same principle applies in life with your family, friends, work, everything. I've been thinking about this topic for a while and trying to figure out what I was trying to say with it. All this stuff makes perfect sense to me in my head, but I try and make it relate to all of you too. We're all kindred spirits and if you think we aren't then you're reading the wrong blog! Hurry! Run! There is no greater group/band than the Beastie Boys for staying true to themselves whilst delivering a multitude of styles throughout the y

Forever Forward

We celebrate Arsenal's 125th Anniversary with a forthcoming ode to the club's history and future, directed by Ryan Hopkinson, revealing the passion, forward-thinking philosophy and belief in youth that the club inspires through game-changing Gunners. Thank you Nike .

Let it burn, wanna let it burn.

London, ask yourself if you are really rioting for a fucking reason people. Stop shitting all over where you eat (and cash your fucking giro). I don't want to pay for your fucking ignorance and hate. Get a job, make a real POSITIVE difference in people's lives. -Bossman75

Twitter thought for the day

Can't help but laugh even if I am on Team Hilfiger. I've been in the presence of Tommy, but yet to meet him. I don't know a great deal about Rich, and I never watched the Hilfiger daughters on MTV. But he seems to be doing just fine and the photo shows him being blessed with art by Toons. Can't fuck with that. -Bossman75