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Now And Then - 2013/14

My most recent posts have been superficial and materialistic. Oh well! It's the festive season and I'm not feeling like delving deep into my inner self and spilling my guts onto the screen as it were. This time of year usually haunts me and brings me right down, even with the SSRIs doing what they do. However over the past few years being able to spend quality time with my family, and seeing the wife and kids happy has definitely made a difference in my emotional state. And that's your lot. Now, onto the fun stuff! If you didn't know already, I work in footwear. Not the fun side of things by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm surrounded by every aspect so get a lot out of the overall experience. Over the past year and a half my perception of 'comfort' has changed dramatically. In doing so it has changed the way I shop for shoes, basically ending it altogether. Having switched to 'barefoot' living there is almost certainly no going back to


There is absolutely nothing from Bounty x Hunter that I don't love. Apart from the prices. But that's fair enough. If I had the bones I'd pull the trigger on so much every season, then it wouldn't be as awesome would it? Yes? Yeah it probably would still. They've released their AW13 collection and as expected it's lots of Black and White goodness, with some Reds and Blues thrown in for good measure across flannels and bandanas. Alongside NEIGHBORHOOD their styling is heavily influenced by motorcycle culture and being a pure bad-ass. I would go as far as saying that Bounty x Hunter though less extensive a collection, is a more wearable product. I like that they keep to the basic design and fit because it works. I could list everything but won't, instead just showcase the few bits I might be able to afford, if I sell an internal organ. BxH Skull Leather Glove - £75 BxH Skull Paisley Bear - £45 BxH Skull Paisley Tumbler - £20 BxH Black Ga

Cyclops – The Way Of All Flesh

Words straight from The Reference Council site , additional pictures below. A last minute change of plans enabled me to attend the opening night of Cyclops’ exhibition “The Way Of All Flesh”. His first solo exhibition was held at The Outsiders gallery in London’s Soho. Described as “Baroque-era portraiture with late Renaissance vanitas paintings, vaporous street art motifs, religious iconography, and contemporary photorealism”, I found the subject matter well placed. I saw it more like sex, branding and ritual than all those fancy words. I may have read more into this than was necessary but isn’t that what art is all about, the viewers objective? The official press release can be viewed via The Outsiders website. You may not be as unfamiliar with the work of Cyclops as you think. It’s possible you’ve seen him in Banksy’s “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, or walked past his work in East London. A member of London’s Burning Candy graffiti crew for some years, Cyclops has turned his han

BOSS LIKES #2 - Born x Raised - Snooty Fox Crewneck Sweater

I can assure you it's simply a co-incidence that only my second post in this sure to be short lived series is also about crewnecks. These are an altogether different proposition however and are here on totally different merit. That's not to say the quality of these isn't top-notch, I couldn't know as I have yet to own one, but it's a safe bet it's inferior to that of the Buzz Rickson model. Again, this shouldn't distract you from the appeal of this as it's more the brand ethos, attitude (see below), imagery and social media savvy that gets them top spot here and now. Born x Raised - Snooty Fox Crewneck Sweater Having released the Snooty Fox on a Champion hoody previously, Born x Raised return to the street styling once again that proved popular before. The back sports the brand name in large Old English font. Available across two solid colours, in what looks like the OG Champion USA fit (correct me if I'm wrong please) you can grab yours at