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What's proof without the Evidence?

I got the opportunity to see Dilated Peoples last week at The Garage in Islington. I'd known they were in Europe but hadn't caught wind of the London date until I saw Evidence tweet saying he had a couple tickets to give away. The show had been sold out long before and I had to try my chances. This isn't the first time I've seen Evidence, I also saw him on the Carhartt x Rhymesayers Tour in 2011 with my buddy Mel. His energy blew me away that night, and if anything he was even more amped this time around. Being the last date of their European tour he'd have been forgiven for being tired but that's just not his way. I think they fact he was with Rakaa and Babu, plus Brother Ali in the wings gave him that fuel. To anyone not fortunate enough to experience Dilated Peoples live, it's very easy for me to sum up the group for you - Evidence - The ENERGY Rakaa Iriscience - The PARTY DJ Babu - The CONTROLLER Evidence is passionate, articulate, graphic

All the way L!ve

I gladly accepted the invite to the launch party of the Lacoste L!ve and Tezuka collaboration last night tho I was a little apprehensive as always with events held in Shoreditch. My appreciation for the genre was a stronger pull than my fondness of the brand that's for sure. Still I had a feeling this was worth making the trip out for, plus it gave me a chance to catch up with Sam (camo socks) to discuss some ideas we'd been emailing about. We met up and waxed lyrical about future projects in a pub smelling of cinnamon, before checking out the Pendleton and Reason spots at Boxpark. I'd not been to the venue (Concrete) before and have to say I really liked it. I'm told they have club nights there too. It's just a short walk from work and worth checking out. As it happens we ran into more people we knew at the party, and it didn't take long before the reason we were there got lost in the music and drinks. Lacoste provided an open bar serving vodka cocktails, re

Touch Screen

 I bloody love the internet, and I love shopping. So it stands to reason that I love shopping online.  Actually I love window (should that read 'browser') shopping more than actually parting with money.  There are drawbacks however, mainly sizing issues from brands you've not bought from before. Also buying anything scented is a big risk. I've bought beard oils online having tried samples first, that is cost effective and works a treat. And often websites have size charts that are useful.  However not everywhere offers samples, and sometimes you just want to see and touch the product before you even consider reaching for your wallet. So it's sucks when I come across new things online that get my all amped up and interested, then realising I have to search for a local stockist.  Fortunately this is London, and if your brand isn't represented here then most likely you are doing something wrong. Sure, I don't have any money but there are plenty of people


 Whilst my brother-from-another takes a well deserved  winter break from his blog NAGOYA YOM  , I will take up the reigns somewhat with my very own BOSS LIKES series.  I will dedicate my selections to quality and inevitably never to own items. I hope my choices live up to the standards set by James.  Let's kick this series off with the - Buzz Rickson Sweatshirt U.S.N. Skull ('VF 17/ JOLLY RODGER')  This revised fit, 4 needle/ loop wheel constructed sweat shirt is slightly longer in the body, and slightly lighter weight than the previous model. Still using now obsolete looms capable of weaving a perfect tube, these tough and good looking sweats won’t go out of shape, or twist like the double seam modern sweats of today.  Entirely constructed in Japan from expertly manufactured materials and techniques long forgotten by the throw away fashion market.   I've been a fan of Buzz Rickson and military inspired reproduction pieces for a while now, the

Puppies / Talent Show

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Saw this campaign, FEEL THE WARMTH , from Uniqlo UK with Centrepoint  via my Twitter feed today. Looks very good, strikes me as fairly limited in numbers actually being donated but hey it doesn't cost you anything, just a RT. Do it. UNIQLO will donate 1000 pieces of HEATTECH to all participants at the annual Centrepoint Sleep Out taking place on 7 November, which aims to raise awareness of youth homelessness. I wore HEATTECH long johns quite a lot last winter, and hope to buy another couple of pairs this year. They look and feel great, and for those less shallow they also do exactly what they promise below. These camouflage long johns are quick-drying, anti-odour and heat-generating. Made with stretch waffle fabric, they offer all-day comfort. I suggest you get some to wear for those chilly days, I hear they are great as running tights under a pair of shorts too for the brave. A real bargain at £12.90 each, get them here ! I have very strong feelings about p

Take Warning

Just a little reminder that my birthday is coming up and I'd love to have all you lovely people there to celebrate with me. Of course most of you reading this are e-quaintances or even spam-bots but you are still invited!   I've chosen the same location as last year, The Crown Tavern  in Clerkenwell, mostly for it's original features, cosy corners and sixteen draught beers (including five real ales), and because it is close to my office. I'm not promising anything other than there will be a roof over our head, and plenty of drink available behind the bar for regular London prices.   I decided on the 29th November a few days before my actual birthday, because it's a Friday and more importantly pay day. I'm not expecting a late one , just a few pints and some banter with some good people. And if you find any excuses NOT to make it, I'm sending Deebo round to snatch your bike AND the chain yo' momma gave you. Peace. -Bossman75

Behind the Mask

Halloween is a funny time of year, especially in a country that hardly celebrates it. The stores are full of the usual crap decorations and enormous bags of sweets. There just isn't the right amount of effort or thought behind what you can buy here as opposed to the USA. There are 'trick or treaters', but they seem to fall into two categories - very small children, and far too old to be doing this teenagers. I can't being myself to comment on the outfit choices by the older kids, just shocking. I hope this country embraces the holiday more as time goes on. Having said that, not much has really changed in my eyes over the last twenty plus years so I'm not sure it will. Right now it's about making/spending money and less about family and fun. In my opinion, organized parties and events are the way forward, at least until the children of today are grown up and not afraid of future kids knocking at their door. My family were fortunate to be invited along to a