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Innings Closed

An innings is closed when: Ten of the eleven batsmen are out (have been dismissed); in this case, the team is said to be "all out" The team has only one batsman left who can bat, one or more of the remaining players being unavailable owing to injury, illness or absence; again, the team is said to be "all out" The team batting last reaches the score required to win the match The predetermined number of overs has been bowled (in a one-day match only, commonly 50 overs; or 20 in Twenty20) A captain declares his team's innings closed while at least two of his batsmen are not out (this does not apply in one-day limited over matches)     1,826 and not out. How's that for a cricket score? Of course it would be insane for me to literally talking about cricket. I know what cricket is, an excuse to drink all day in the sun for those unfortunate enough to be married to or fathered by a cricketer. Harsh? Well suck it up, I'm American and it just ain