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Throw Away Your Television

Just an observation. I've been commuting to work from a different station for the past ten months and the walk from the car takes me around seven minutes and through a few different roads. Of an evening as I pass by my eyes are drawn through curtain less windows and most if not all of these homes have an enormous TV that dominates the space entirely. I can't honestly remember seeing anything else of significance adorn the walls of these rooms, no pictures, no book shelves just blank walls and a screen that demands your attention even from the outside.  This in itself doesn't mean a thing and I'm aware of that, particularly if I'm only comparing to my own living space. Also it's likely different for singles, childless couple and families and people could have all these other things in plenty of other rooms but I've no intention of knocking on doors and asking questions. I remember we had a TV growing up, and a stereo stack system with wall mounted sp