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An insight

I'd like to call this - " Parenting 101 - The Cinema " My son's first ever trip to the movies was to see " Toy Story 3 ". My first ever trip to the movies was to see " The Rocky Horror Picture Show ". Take from this what you will. -Bossman

Beggars can't be choosers

On my walk to the office this morning I was stopped by a beggar. He offered me a free magazine handout and told me of his hope to secure a night in a hostel for his lady friend (Stood some distance away and much younger than him I might add) and himself. Wanting to spare him from having to carry on with his story I admitted that I had no money. He misunderstood (I think) and said all he wanted was £18. "I really am sorry but I don't have any money" I replied. Un-deterred he semi-politely pointed out the nearest cash machine. "No I'm sorry but I don't have any money" I said with a weary smile. He then attempted to usher me towards the cash machine and through gritted teeth murmured "£18 means more to me than it does you. It means somewhere to sleep, what does it mean to you?" "hmm well maybe a blowjob from your lady friend?" is something I would never have stooped so low as to say. I like to think I'm generous and giving and sym