Beggars can't be choosers

On my walk to the office this morning I was stopped by a beggar. He offered me a free magazine handout and told me of his hope to secure a night in a hostel for his lady friend (Stood some distance away and much younger than him I might add) and himself. Wanting to spare him from having to carry on with his story I admitted that I had no money. He misunderstood (I think) and said all he wanted was £18.
"I really am sorry but I don't have any money" I replied. Un-deterred he semi-politely pointed out the nearest cash machine. "No I'm sorry but I don't have any money" I said with a weary smile.
He then attempted to usher me towards the cash machine and through gritted teeth murmured "£18 means more to me than it does you. It means somewhere to sleep, what does it mean to you?" "hmm well maybe a blowjob from your lady friend?" is something I would never have stooped so low as to say.
I like to think I'm generous and giving and sympathetic to people's plights but this just wasn't going to end in his favour.
Had he any change in his pocket he'd literally have had more money than me at that moment.
I'm on my way to work for 8+ hours to feed, clothe and put a roof over my family. Regardless of any frivolous spending I may be guilty of i couldn't help this guy today.
I don't imagine I'll see him ever again. Was he even real? No one else spoke to him before me. He even quipped "Why is no one stopping, is it my beard?" which was pretty gnarly actually.
So was he my conscious trying to tell me something? Or just someone who made his choices and now seeks help to deal with the repercussions?
I'm sure neither is correct actually but I felt compelled to share the story and maybe enable you to be prepared should an older man in a leather biker's jacket with a gnarly salt & pepper coloured beard try and take you by the hand to the nearest cash machine.
I do hope he got enough to stay the night in a hostel, and maybe even a blowjob from his lady friend. Goodnight. - Bossman