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Mere Mortals

I love the idea that humans were able to live for hundreds of years. I've read that humans date back some 200,000 years depending on your definition of 'human'. It's interesting that the life expectancy of a male in the UK is just 78 according to the CIA World Factbook 2011. I can imagine for some that living longer may seem like a nightmare, and I would agree if based on how we presently age. I wonder if it was very different long ago however and if at all possible in humanity's future? Being 100 might have been the equivalent to entering your thirties in present day terms. No health issues or brain deterioration would make the event much more appealing to me for sure. I testify that life after 30 has been great for me. Can you imagine saying "I didn't start living until I was 100" what a crazy thought! If there are studies into this and I'm sure there are I should seek them out. My limited knowledge, and lack of desire to Google my wa