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Passarella Death Squad @ The Social

March 31st 7PM - 12AM FREE ENTRY. Let's all go and have a good time.

Eastpak x Christopher Shannon

Had a few cans of Red Stripe with my friend Paigey from Eastpak last night, and I promised that I'd finally get my ass in gear and take a couple snaps of the window display. What was even more rad was seeing the newest visual assault downstairs, in the form of a fresh graf piece commemorating Carnaby Street turning 50 this week. Nice clean work. As ever my point and click camera doesn't do justice to much, so get YOUR asses in gear and get over to the store. PS The all white Christopher Shannon backpack is £65, someone hook me up.

Return of the Walrus

A new mural on the outside of "Upper Playground" London.

King of Shaves?

King of SHIT more like. "The unique flexible hinge incorporates our "Bendology Technology" which allows the Endurium coated super long-lasting blades to shave at optimum pressure against the skin whilst the large soft rubber ‘bumper’ helps reduce risk of unwanted nicks and lifts stubble for a smoother more comfortable shave." Bollocks. It's uncomfortable, doesn't sit well in the hand at all, and doesn't hardly shave anything. I'm talking about their new AZOR razor. Boots in Carnaby was out of my normal replacement blades and I bought all the propaganda on the packet. More fool me. Now I used it to shave my head, ok it's not the face, but come on. "Take short strokes"? No. I'll shave at my pace like I always have. I don't have a week to shave my head. I can do it in 15 minutes and get it as smooth as a porn starlet's quim. But not with this piece of junk. I'm going back to what works, Wilkinson Sword Flexible. Works a tre

Bossman Junior in full effect


First Steps

February 14th 2010 - Valentines Day. My baby girl took her first steps today.

LEE - Carnaby Street

The LEE store has temporarily re-located to the space last occupied by a Neon Sign store (random) opposite Eastpak at the Beak Street end of London's beloved Carnaby Street. This is while the original location, opposite Hilfiger Denim, gets refurbished. I quite like this spot for it, it's very open and allows for greater product visibility. Oh and it's even closer to my work than it was previously, by a good 5 seconds at least. I love LEE products, and the staff are always really chill and knowledgable. Just a couple of snaps as I have been slack on taking my camera out with me and I will rectify that immediately.

SS10 Girls tees

I thought I'd show the flip side to the Men's tees, as the Girls' are just as awesome.

SS10 tees

Yes I should be posting stories of Vegas. I know that's all you want to read about. But really I can't get the 'hungry ass cockroaches' out of my head long enough to savour and share any good memories. One day, perhaps..... Anyway, here are literally just a couple of my favourite tees from the SS10 collection out now. Outstanding graphics and quality -