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DJ Solo - My MPC is a pipe bomb

Copy and paste and download now! (DJ Solo) This is not another mixtape, it’s actually a compilation album of all my original production that I have done since about 2005. Since most of these tracks are out there floating around on the web, I’m giving it away free! All tracks are full length and it covers everything from hardcore hip-hop like La Coka Nostra and Vinnie Paz, to indie rockers Matt & Kim and Maroon5, and even a few exclusives that have never been released, including the 99 Problems Country-Hop Remix, the GZA beat that samples the Doors and couldn’t clear the sample, and a bonus 2006 instrumental track, Borracho Dub Plate. Enjoy or get blown to bits!!! TRACKLIST… 01 – 40s & Blunts Theme – DJ SOLO 02 – 11_35 (DJ SOLO REMIX) – Aesop Rock feat. Mr. Lif 03 – Lions In The Forest (DJ SOLO RMX) – Planet Asia feat. B Real 04 – It Aint My Fault (DJ SOLO REMIX) – Mitchy Slick 05 – Spookshow feat. Penn_(prod. by

Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream ‘Satellite’ Store

(Taken from "While having a string of success in Europe where its collections are stocked in some of the most highly regarded boutiques – including colette (Paris) and Firmament (Berlin) and department stores including Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, the BBC/Ice Cream will be opening an one off ‘Satellite’ store in London, located next to Bape London. The temporary store will be stocking exclusive items in an environment which reflects the flagship stores in Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York. It will also be hosting Neil Bedford’s first solo photography exhibition showcasing a strong collection of black and white prints of N*E*R*D. The BBC/Ice Cream ‘Satellite’ Store will be open from December 12th for a limited time only." So I popped by on lunch yesterday, and also after a pint at the pub, to see how the work was going on getting the store ready for today's opening. Basically the spac

"The glass can be half empty or half full.....

Image long as there's whiskey in it." So bit of a personal update to break up the numerous photo posts of watches and such. This week I celebrated my 34th birthday. I've said many times that I have never been happier than right now, being in my 30s. I basically have it all. I literally feel guilty for ever having any notion of wanting something more in my life. The only possible yearning comes from the need to be closer to my Brother's, their families and the lives they live. In time..... Of course there's always material wants, never needs. And I need to remember to keep these in check. They do not come close to the fact I'm in good health, as are my family. That I have a job that I'm not only awesome at, but that I really enjoy. I've woken up every working day for the last 2.5 years eager to put in a good 8 hours and I don't see that changing any time soon. I live in a great house, in a safe village, with excitement just a short train ride away i

Stussy "Crewsader"

Limited to only 8 pieces (4 Silver - 4 Black) in Europe.

My Photos Photo Gallery - Photo 5 of 5 by chuey quintanar - MySpace Photos

My Photos Photo Gallery - Photo 5 of 5 by chuey quintanar - MySpace Photos

CASIO and Size? today

Mainly just a quick look at the Casio store on Carnaby Street. Noticed a guy spray painting it yesterday but didn't have my camera with me. Douche bag. Looks pretty good. And Size? were doing some lame Reebok Pump 20th Anni balloon photoshoot shit. Looked wack. See for yourself.

Holiday 09 THD

Just a tee I like from the Holiday 09 Season by Hilfiger Denim.

Upper Playground

Just some snaps from outside and inside the store today. I love Upper Playground.

Mr J and Miss J

Kids had a fancy dress day on Wednesday at their Nursery. Mr J wore his Mr Bones t-shirt and Miss J wore her Baby Monster in Training all-in-one. Oh and check the TV behind Mr J. It's one of those You'll Shit Bricks moments.....

Cool Cat

This just made me laugh.

Perry Farrell for PM?

Just stumbled across this photo. I think Perry is possibly the coolest man alive. Would love to know what Perry and Tony were doing together, and what they talked about.

Walking to work

Just a few things that catch my eye on the walk to work.

Python Doctors Bag

Love it or hate it I don't care. This shit is crazy dope. Yours for 450 Euro but you gotta be quick. Very limited by Tommy Hilfiger.

Vans Sk8 Mid Fur

Vans Sk8 Mid Fur

Lucien Pellat-Finet Watches

Lucien Pellat-Finet Watches

Marvel at this sneak preview

Comic Books and Fashion. Yes. It has indeed been done before. From Hugo Boss, French Connection, Marc Ecko, A Bathing Ape, to name just a few from recent memory. Successfully. And there's no reason why the relationship between Heroes and High End should fail to generate interest once again. Here's a very early look at the latest collaboration between Marvel and Tommy Hilfiger Denim. A little taster of men's and girl's t-shirts. Expect to see a lot more nearer Summer 2010......

ILTC Part 2.

International London Tattoo Convention 2009 pt 2 OK so I have kept you waiting long enough. I'll try and keep this short (yeah right). Chuey had said to come back Sunday and I could hardly wait. I played it as cool as possible but I was itching to get back into London and on that freak bus* back to the convention. (*The freak bus was a red double decker laid on for free by the convention, looked awesome.) Hit town and got fuelled up on Dr Pepper, a hearty KFC (Zinger Tower meal - thanks Meesh!) and a Snickers Duo bar, then was off to the show. I got there just after 3 and checked Chuey's stall (#5 - G23) but he wasn't there yet. Ran into the homie from Friday and his arm was looking so sick. He was there for all the 3 days to have work done. Dedication. So I milled about but didn't stray too far from G23. Then Chuey rolled in with his crew but was immediately rushed off for a photoshoot. He said 'Hey' and told me to hang out and that Edgar would set up. Umm hold

It's possible to see The Dead (on your lunch break)

So who goes to a Damien Hirst exhibition on their lunch break? Me, that's who. And why not? Saw that this was opening today - and only a short walk from my office so off I went. It was kinda what I expected. Very clean space, skulls and other crazy sh1t, and all of it way too expensive to believe. But that's part of the draw for most I guess right? The curator lady was very helpful and super knowledgeable. She answered my (what must have seemed remedial) questions with ease and a smile. However, when she asked me "So do you particularly like Damien Hirst?" and I answered "No, not really, but I love skulls.", she giggled (I'm convinced purely out of politeness) and invested her time and smarts on anyone else but me. She did permit some photos (no not of her you bunch of sleaze bags), and I left feeling happy I took the opportunity to experience The Dead. Enjoy my very amateur photos. And here are some more

Ruder than You

Got these today in the mail from one of my buddies over at Vans. I can't tell you how many times those guys have hooked me up, or just how grateful I am. The dudes in the office, and the Carnaby Street store, are the most wicked rad people on earth. FACT. These are samples of the Rudeez 'S' from the VANS x WTAPS collaboration*. TETSU NISHIYAMA aka TET designer of WTAPS says of these - " In Rudeez the 80s rudeboy style tradition was used as an image and what was not asked for in a sneaker like the sharp looks in a leather shoe and fine craftsmanship, was brought in ." I'm a very happy boy. Can't wait to wear them tomorrow to work. Will put up a photo at the end of the day. *Missing the wtaps branding on the tongue, but present on the inner sole. Toe box reads "RUDER THAN YOU" - ain't that the truth!

Carling Cup

So I was (very) fortunate enough to be asked along as a guest of Fried Frank (solicitors) to the Carling Cup 3rd Round game against West Brom (22nd Sept). I've been to the Emirates a few times now and loved every second of it. This proved to be an entirely different experience! We were in Corporate Box 55. Greeted with champagne and nibbles. Then treated to pre match dinner. I had Beef and dumpling stew, creamy mash potato and vegetables. Chocolate fudge cake at half time and free beers throughout. Nik Bendtner was a guest of a box 2 to our left. The boys did us proud on the pitch and we won 2-0. Great view, erm 'interesting' meetin the others in my box but I was there for the game. What a great opportunity and so glad I took up the offer!

October 1st walk about

So today was October 1st. Where has the year gone? Anyway, thought I'd have my usual wander at lunch time and saw the new front window graphics for VANS (done by Jasper Jones) for the Rick Griffin series . Looks dope. Also went to the Levi's Cinch store that is currently hosting the Original Fake collab denims. Looks great until you see the denim itself. Shame. More updates of my wandering to come!

ILTC 2009 Part 1

International London Tattoo Convention 2009 pt 1 Having experienced the convention for the first time last year, we were very excited about the 5th annual convention. Before the event I dared to dream of the possibility of getting to sit down with my favourite artist Chuey Quintanar, but more later... We (Wifey, Melly, Debbie and myself) booked tickets for the Friday this year, the start of the convention. There was a definite buzz (pun intended) on opening day and though the atmosphere was good and anticipation high, the crowds were not as large as we (and others) had imagined. Still, the artists were setting up, the retail stalls were ready, and the bars were open! It's such an amazing sight just walking around, it's almost impossible to take it all in. Thank goodness we had the entire day to mill about and take photos and discuss the sights. First up we looked for Chuey's stall. Once he, his crew and his appointment turned up we said a q

ILTC 2008 Recap

International London Tattoo Convention 2008 Recap So today (written 28/9/2008) Melly and I went to the London Tattoo Convention. It's a 3 day exhibition and today was the wind down day it seemed. However still a ton of great artists and work to be seen. Nice crowd, slight underlying tension as you find with most events in London but on a whole was really cool. So I went there to spot Oliver Peck who runs Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas. He's from my hometown so got to show support. And he also has ties with VANS and Wifey and I both rock his signature slip ons. Also wanted to see Tim Hendricks who is on Miami Ink this season. It's tough to know what to do when you do see these guys. So I chose to just nod, smile and check out their work before moving on. However, I was fortunate enough to meet a really awesome guy, Jesus 'Chuey' Quintanar. I wandered over to his stall and he recognised my tee as one he designed for Stussy X Neighborhood