Ruder than You

Got these today in the mail from one of my buddies over at Vans.

I can't tell you how many times those guys have hooked me up, or just how grateful I am.

The dudes in the office, and the Carnaby Street store, are the most wicked rad people on earth. FACT.

These are samples of the Rudeez 'S' from the VANS x WTAPS collaboration*.

TETSU NISHIYAMA aka TET designer of WTAPS says of these -

"In Rudeez the 80s rudeboy style tradition was used as an image and what was not asked for in a sneaker like the sharp looks in a leather shoe and fine craftsmanship, was brought in."

I'm a very happy boy. Can't wait to wear them tomorrow to work. Will put up a photo at the end of the day.

*Missing the wtaps branding on the tongue, but present on the inner sole. Toe box reads "RUDER THAN YOU" - ain't that the truth!