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I can't remember if I was a fan of Australian artist Ben Frost before his exhibition " The New Pollution " at StolenSpace last year or not, but i f like me you like your pop art politically charged, sinfully smutty and full of childhood nostalgia then he most certainly is your man.  In collaboration with Aussy online art store Stupid Krap he's released two outrageous silk scarves in time for the holidays. BEN FROST - SILK SCARF (EVERY MAN HAS HIS PRICE) BEN FROST - SILK SCARF (BRING ME THE HEAD OF COLONEL SANDERS) They ship  GIFT READY  in custom Ben Frost collector box complete with Stupid Krap tissue paper. If you're outside of Australia and want one in time for Christmas I suggest getting your order placed now.  Using iconic imagery from beloved cartoon characters, superheros and sexy anime models on Chanel carrier bags, pharmacutical packets, cereal boxes, confectionary or McDonalds fries boxes his work is visceral and poignant. Wh


There are many ways to interpret the imagine of a skull, particularly but not exclusively the human skull. For me ever since I was a kid it was associated with being a bad ass. Now in my forties and as a collector of skull art, tattoos and jewelery the simplest answer to why remains the same as it did when I was a kid. What fascinates me is that despite the seemingly limited aspects of a skull, there are in fact an infinite number of highly emotive, thought provoking ways to use it. I along with many others believe the skull is something to be celebrated rather than feared, and recently a couple of my favourite go-to sites have been rebranded and updated. I was excited to receive a newsletter from Andy, creative director of Jack Of The Dust stating that his website had undergone a change to better serve those outside of his native Australia. I've followed his work on Instagram for some time. Having been a boat builder for twelve years, his talent with his hands is evident


In a relatively short space of time rap super group La Coka Nostra confirmed that a new album had been completed, announced the track list  and release date. The lead single "Stay True" and a video quickly followed in the form of "Waging War".  Somewhere in-between we were teased with artwork by Steven Vogel. Today that artwork has been confirmed as part of a collaboration with Japanese label Bounty Hunter on a t-shirt to celebrate the release of  "To Thine Own Self Be True" . With Hiraku Iwanaga and Danny Boy having worked together on designs for the previous albums "A Brand You Can Trust" and "Masters Of The Dark Arts"  ( as well as designs for Hellfire Canyon Club and House of Pain)  a t-shirt was anticipated and doesn't disappoint . The LCN bandana skull graphic serves as the perfect backdrop for  "To Thine Own Self Be True" with it's p roduction divided between in-house producer DJ Lethal,  Statik Selektah