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What happens in Amsterdam….

So usually you don’t get to hear stories about goings-on in Amsterdam, but this one is ok to share. Twice a year I have the pleasure of attending department meetings at our HQ in Amsterdam. I can honestly say it’s time well spent with some very wonderful people. It’s no secret that I love my job, the company, the brand and have immense pride in what I do. Being at HQ only strengthens my feelings for all of these things. The meetings and presentations we have are pretty intense and can leave you feeling lobotomised at times, however to combat this we are treated to great food, the occasional party and even a surprise Team Building event. Previous events included a Guided Tour of the Red Light District, which I would highly recommend. For educational purposes of course! Going it alone or with your buddies at night doesn’t even come close to the experience of the tour. This year the event was a trip around the canals on a private boat, with drink, food and even some herb. During the

The Real

Happy Father's Day 2011. This is really what it's all about. What you do up to this point doesn't really matter. You're never richer than when you have kids. Think about it, if you get it, you got it. Good. Love and miss you Dad. Always in my thoughts and dreams. -Bossman75

Mavs NBA Championship Parade!

LIVE And the highlights -

TEAM work.

2011 NBA Champtions, The Dallas Mavericks.

Eyes Scream

Some late evening observations made whilst standing at Charing Cross station waiting for my train. People are still wearing boot-cut jeans, without boots. Walking all over 2-3 inches of hem. Why? There were a lot of people with kids out in London, they didn't seem to be tourists either which would make some level of sense. Why you got your young kids out after 11pm on a week night, or any night? Couples where one person physically drags the other person behind them. Holding hands romantically is one thing, dragging and near shoulder dislocation is another. Novelty t-shirts. Still? Obsese man wearing a Mr Greedy t-shirt. Why not just wear a t-shirt with a PENIS on the front? Drunks. Lots and lots of drunks. Is it really worth it? Tuesday night binge drinking? Wow. Balding, bearded men staring at crowds of people....oh wait...ignore that....... -Bossman75

Sawn off shot gun, hand on the GLOCKenspiel

My good friend Mel and I are off to see Mono tonight in Camden. Mel is a big big fan of theirs, and though I've downloaded and listened to their albums, I've yet to be gripped by their experimental rock and or shoegazing. I'd personally class their noise as the audio equivalent of a Magic Eye 3D picture you stare at for hours until you see the horse. I don't seem to be able to decipher it yet, maybe the SSRIs are blocking the signals. Dunno. Mel is good at that type of thing however, being of werewolf and E.T. decent and all that. In my experience the Japanese don't get much wrong (excluding Pearl Harbor and SARS), and I have read that their live performances are intense so that's what I will be expecting. I expect blood to be pissing from my ears mere seconds into the first track, and feeling like I'm on a bad ass  mescaline trip long into tomorrow. Don't disappoint me Mono! I'm not going to be taking any photos tonight

Sole Mates

Boobs x Sneaks = RAD For me it's the Vs all day. Nothing comes close. Thank you to Highsnobiety for the links and details. Playboy has launched today their new Sole Mates feature, ranking the Top 23 Air Jordan Ever. As you can imagine, the magazine made use of the sneakers and their playmates for the shoot. Playboy worked with Matt Halfhill of on the feature story. Included in the shoot are Francesca Frigo, Jaime Edmondson, Jessica Burciaga, Patrice Hollis, Hiromi Oshima, Tiffany Taylor, Candice Cassidy, Kimberly Phillips and Heather Rae Young. Check out the behind the scenes video of the shoot here below. Full gallery available here  NSFW. -Bossman75