Eyes Scream

Some late evening observations made whilst standing at Charing Cross station waiting for my train.

  • People are still wearing boot-cut jeans, without boots. Walking all over 2-3 inches of hem. Why?

  • There were a lot of people with kids out in London, they didn't seem to be tourists either which would make some level of sense. Why you got your young kids out after 11pm on a week night, or any night?

  • Couples where one person physically drags the other person behind them. Holding hands romantically is one thing, dragging and near shoulder dislocation is another.

  • Novelty t-shirts. Still? Obsese man wearing a Mr Greedy t-shirt. Why not just wear a t-shirt with a PENIS on the front?

  • Drunks. Lots and lots of drunks. Is it really worth it? Tuesday night binge drinking? Wow.

  • Balding, bearded men staring at crowds of people....oh wait...ignore that.......