What happens in Amsterdam….

So usually you don’t get to hear stories about goings-on in Amsterdam, but this one is ok to share.

Twice a year I have the pleasure of attending department meetings at our HQ in Amsterdam. I can honestly say it’s time well spent with some very wonderful people.

It’s no secret that I love my job, the company, the brand and have immense pride in what I do. Being at HQ only strengthens my feelings for all of these things.

The meetings and presentations we have are pretty intense and can leave you feeling lobotomised at times, however to combat this we are treated to great food, the occasional party and even a surprise Team Building event.

Previous events included a Guided Tour of the Red Light District, which I would highly recommend. For educational purposes of course! Going it alone or with your buddies at night doesn’t even come close to the experience of the tour.

This year the event was a trip around the canals on a private boat, with drink, food and even some herb. During the day the weather was fairly crappy, grey and raining, but right on cue the sun came out and we had great conditions to sail around in.

To finish the night we decided to gate crash the private ‘Beach’ party being held in light of it being Line Opening for the Spring 12 collections (did someone say Disney collaboration?).

Work trips to Amsterdam mean long days of absorbing information and knowledge sharing, and late nights of really kicking back with some of the best people in Europe at what they do.

Enjoy the photos, as ever extremely amateur and without all that much skill. I had a freakin’ blast though and already I’m looking forward to the next meeting in December.