Sawn off shot gun, hand on the GLOCKenspiel

My good friend Mel and I are off to see Mono tonight in Camden.

Mel is a big big fan of theirs, and though I've downloaded and listened to their albums, I've yet to be gripped by their experimental rock and or shoegazing.

I'd personally class their noise as the audio equivalent of a Magic Eye 3D picture you stare at for hours until you see the horse. I don't seem to be able to decipher it yet, maybe the SSRIs are blocking the signals. Dunno. Mel is good at that type of thing however, being of werewolf and E.T. decent and all that.

In my experience the Japanese don't get much wrong (excluding Pearl Harbor and SARS), and I have read that their live performances are intense so that's what I will be expecting.

I expect blood to be pissing from my ears mere seconds into the first track, and feeling like I'm on a bad ass mescaline trip long into tomorrow.

Don't disappoint me Mono!

I'm not going to be taking any photos tonight but I will write a review, to be left in the comments field at some point.

Really big thank you to Mel for the opportunity, and I do of course trust him implicitly to know what's good (excluding the Travelling Horror Shit Show or whatever it was called).

*ps my historical references may or may not be acurate, but I make no apologies.



  1. "In my experience the Japanese don't get much wrong (excluding Pearl Harbor and SARS)" - hahahahaha, I hope they don't end up being a let down, bit worried by the fact they have a whole orchestra on stage with them. But maybe someone with ...a flamethrower will come out and set the cellist on fire, then impale the kettle drummer's head on a spike or something, and the rest of them just keep playing while they get picked off one by one. That would be arty I think.

  2. Mono should be very proud of themselves. Actually I'm pretty sure they already are. They've well and truly left this world and become the music they make and play with extraordinary passion and precision.
    At times the music was asking me questions, other times I was the interigator. One word does do their live performance justice, that word is Epic. You really mustn't pass up the chance to see them. You don't actually have to SEE them mind you, I barely got a glimpse but I felt every sngle note.
    Zeus or some other Roman God was watching over me, albeit ina fairly seedy kind of way. If tonight were a soundtrack it'd be Music to fuck Art student chicks to. The crowd looked to have been hand picked, some higher musical power chose one person from every single walk of life, every species, and delivered them to Koko for one session of audio sexual selfharming.
    I was impressed in so many ways tonight. Even saw a kind of hot ish gothy rock chick riding solo drinking a pint of beer through a straw. Bet she likes art.
    To sum things up, this was the equivalent of those spam emails you get promising a bigger cock. Trust me when I say mine grew a full inch tonight. Thank you Mono.

  3. hahaha, I'm just quoting/putting your summary of the gig in my blog. I'll just add my rubbish pictures. I don't think any more needs to be said! I have nothing more to add


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