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“Rookie No. 4” (NSFW)

Hannah Ferguson | 22 | San Angelo, Texas - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 “Rookie No. 4” "My parents met in the Marine Corps. My dad was a sniper and my mom was a drill instructor, so yeah, growing up was pretty strict. We grew up with sheep and goats and chickens and geese and ducks and cats and dogs. My four siblings and I had our schedules written out, we were were each assigned a day when we had to go out and feed the animals. We also had to pull weeds and pick up trash and stuff.  We weren’t allowed to paint our nails or get our ears pierced until we were 15.  And certainly not to date!" "My Dad has Sports Illustrated calendars in his shop. I would always flip through them and look at them and daydream about one day being able to do that. I never thought it would come true." - Hannah Ferguson Hannah's pastimes include baking, and shooting at the gun range. More photos available here  some NSFW.

Lethal Dose

Well it's the mad bum Russian Funky with percussion From LA to Flushing I get your girlie blushin' I'll cut ya' like the butcher [Everlast]: But it ain't Joe the Biter! The old rock a loop cause I'm 'Super' like Schneider So today I got my ticket to see DJ Lethal at The Garage, Islington as part of his 2014 UK Tour entitled 'The Unofficial Limp Bizkit Aftershow' . Yes Limp Bizkit, the band so many love to hate. After co-producing House Of Pain's third (and final?) album 'Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again' the group split and Lethal joined Limp Bizkit for what would be the next seventeen or so years. Upon joining he said "There are a couple of other rock bands that have DJs and they’re just like, [mimics a chirp scratch] 'Hey, what’s going on? Let me spin around a couple of times and show off that I can spin two records.' So I definitely knew I didn’t want to be just another DJ in a rock band. I wanted to

Falling Down

First bus doesn't turn up. Wait thirty minutes for next bus, its full and drives past without stopping. Call opticians and cancel my appointment for this morning. Wait twenty minutes for next bus, force my way in the doors, no money on my oyster card. Walk home. Take kids to school then wife drives me to the train station. Traffic most of the way due to hearse and funeral procession. Finally on train two hours after I should have got the bus. Not had breakfast yet, desperately need coffee. Some real Monday type of shit, so far. What next?