Lethal Dose

Well it's the mad bum Russian
Funky with percussion
From LA to Flushing
I get your girlie blushin'
I'll cut ya' like the butcher
[Everlast]: But it ain't Joe the Biter!
The old rock a loop cause I'm 'Super' like Schneider

So today I got my ticket to see DJ Lethal at The Garage, Islington as part of his 2014 UK Tour entitled 'The Unofficial Limp Bizkit Aftershow'. Yes Limp Bizkit, the band so many love to hate. After co-producing House Of Pain's third (and final?) album 'Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again' the group split and Lethal joined Limp Bizkit for what would be the next seventeen or so years. Upon joining he said "There are a couple of other rock bands that have DJs and they’re just like, [mimics a chirp scratch] 'Hey, what’s going on? Let me spin around a couple of times and show off that I can spin two records.' So I definitely knew I didn’t want to be just another DJ in a rock band. I wanted to be another instrument—a part of the band, like another guitar player." Things looked to have ended badly in what was a fairly visible falling out via DJ Lethal's Twitter, however he later admitted to it being down to personal issues and as far as I am aware relationships have been patched up.

House Of Pain

During his time with Limp Bizkit, Lethal continued to produce for several Hip-Hop favourites of mine like Ill Bill and Slaine as well as a number of rock/pop artists. More recently he has produced for Serial Killers, the B-Real, Xzibit and Demerick project. Sadly I can't find a complete discography of tracks produced by Lethal but believe me when I say he's worked on some absolute, true Hip-Hop bangers.

2011 saw House Of Pain reunite (minus DJ Lethal) and tour as part of their twenty year celebrations. DJ Lethal wasn't able to join them due to prior obligations with Limp Bizkit, but the group had been back together working on La Coka Nostra projects. I was fortunate enough to see Cypress Hill and Funkdoobiest back in the 90s but missed out on seeing House Of Pain, this was now rectified and an absolute blast even though I rocked the gig on my own. Photos of the gig below. (much love to both Everlast and Danny Boy for their interaction with fans via Twitter by the way before and after this gig)

Danny Boy / House Of Pain July 2011 London

Everlast / House Of Pain July 2011 London

Seeing Cypress Hill without DJ Muggs, and seeing House Of Pain without DJ Lethal was frustrating because as a whole these groups helped form many of my ideas and attitudes growing up. For me personally it's always felt like I was missing out on something. I did get the chance to see DJ Muggs when he came to Brixton to promote his album 'Bass For Your Face', however due to the time of his set and my living outside of London, ticket in hand I had to make the late decision to miss out.  

There are still a few artists/DJs I hope to catch before it's too late. Before we are all Husbands, Fathers and our priorities have us solely taking care of business at home rather than out on stage or in the pit. Being able to experience these guys live, older and wiser like myself is a whole other experience and one I've really appreciated so far. Obviously there's DJ Muggs still, the Alchemist is another. Sadly he cancelled his date last year but I hope he finds the time to make it over again soon. Having just released 'Lord Steppington' by The Step Brothers (with Evidence) and embarking on a tour of Europe, due to weak ass promoters I guess London wasn't a part of that. Also DJ Q-Bert and DJ Shadow would be outstanding to see live, especially having seen a legend like DJ Babu behind the decks with Dilated Peoples last year. 

I've known about DJ Lethal's intent on playing in London since before Christmas, and still the same scenario as with DJ Muggs was troubling me. I'm not known for late nights but seeing the kind of crazy shit that happens at his shows, and this being the final night of the tour convinced me this is not one to miss out on. This night is also a chance to party my ass off with my Brother, maybe one of the few remaining chances we have left before he moves back to the States this summer. I hope we get a chance to share a beer and pose for a photo after his set if DJ Lethal is still up for rocking until the venue's four am curfew. Peace.