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"To associate (oneself) as a subordinate, subsidiary, employee, or member" Just a quick post to show twenty of my favourite t-shirts. All in one way or another have a theme, a common connection if you will. Can you work out what it is? Here's a little video to play whilst you watch the slideshow if you still need a clue. WEST COAST, KILLA CALI & SA ALL DAY! PEACE. -Bossman75


"The theory or attitude that physical well-being and worldly possessions constitute the greatest good and highest value in life."  Nothing deep or revealing in this post, just a filler. I was asked today if I was wearing a Rolex. I laughed it off of course, but it just goes to show you can spot class from 100 yards away (thanks to my   Hamilton King Khaki Scuba   automatic). It also shows I have pretty awesome taste, in both watches and people I have conversations with. I'm writing the final part of the   Tattoo-thousand and 12   trilogy, but not even close to finishing so in the mean time I wanted to share some of the things that have kept my brain synapses firing this past couple of weeks. Before I do though, I am very happy to say I am booked in at   Aching Soul   this coming Friday for more work on my Eagle/Sunset, and then at   Spear Tattoo   on July 4th to finish my dedication to Porno for Pyros.   First up is this leather jacket from   Bedwin & The Heartbreak

Tattoo-thousand and 12 pt 2

Tattoo-thousand and 12 pt2 Where do I begin? Having lost a good six hours worth of writing I'm debating how best to conjure up the events covered. It would be impossible to rewrite word for word but only I will know the difference. Just gotta come to terms with the fact I was happy with what was done, and now whatever comes of this will have to do. So, part two. I want to dedicate this entry to a good man who has not only given me beautiful work but also raised my awareness of other artists and the world behind the needle. It's easy to see the websites, blogs, reviews of artists work but the behind the scenes in kept mostly well, behind the scenes. How artists relate to each other, their integrity and aspirations. It's a bad ass world for sure but the relationships, respect for and lack of can be found in more places than just the tv shows currently on air. Upon meeting Mr Lee you'd be forgiven for seeing only the hard exterior that comes with being an experien