"The theory or attitude that physical well-being and worldly possessions constitute the greatest good and highest value in life." Nothing deep or revealing in this post, just a filler.

I was asked today if I was wearing a Rolex. I laughed it off of course, but it just goes to show you can spot class from 100 yards away (thanks to my Hamilton King Khaki Scuba automatic). It also shows I have pretty awesome taste, in both watches and people I have conversations with.

I'm writing the final part of the Tattoo-thousand and 12 trilogy, but not even close to finishing so in the mean time I wanted to share some of the things that have kept my brain synapses firing this past couple of weeks.

Before I do though, I am very happy to say I am booked in at Aching Soul this coming Friday for more work on my Eagle/Sunset, and then at Spear Tattoo on July 4th to finish my dedication to Porno for Pyros. 

First up is this leather jacket from Bedwin & The Heartbreakers. Just super clean and exactly how it should be done, no surprises or add ons.


Since acquiring a leather jacket I do realise that one is enough, a lifelong companion that gets better with age. However if money were no obstacle then I would definitely pick up a jacket as rad as this for rotation. I just got a lot of love to go round I guess.

No need for an introduction to what these are, classicks that come with yet another new colourway for Summer 2012. The mix of materials on these sets them firmly on top of all recent releases in my eyes.
Nike Air Max 1 Black/Grey Summer 12

Taking a step (and a big one at that) away from the usual black, white and grey that seems to have engulfed my wardrobe over the last decade or so, is this release of my favourite model from New Balance the 574.

Once again using mixed materials of suede, mesh and leather in addition to the BLAOW of the red (don't forget the 3M on the N) makes these ultimate winners. And ultimately SOLD OUT already.

New Balance 574 Red

Finally I was fortunate to stumble upon a pair of sneakers on sale that I have longed for and had to pull the trigger. I've admired them from afar for too long and finally get to enjoy what others have for decades.

These are the Puma Suede Classic Eco. At first glance, these look the same as any other Suede Classic models out in the market–however, these kicks are made with Eco-friendly recycled materials on the uppers. I think you'll agree this was the only colourway for me..... mind you It's proving difficult not to reload and pull again for a pair of these in Navy.

Peep the vid below which just happened to surface after I copped a pair (via Hypebeast).

Musically I have kept to the norm of shuffling Rock, Rap, Punk, Dubstep and anything else you can put a genre to on my phone. I will continue my unending quest for anything new to enhance my life and among the albums recently downloaded to do this was the latest release by Rusko. I can tell you that it took me by surprise just how melodic it is and the memories it evokes of my early twenties (OK they weren't ALL bad).

In light of this check out the Travis Barker remix of the Cypress Hill x Rusko collaboration off the forthcoming EP - Cypress Hill x Rusko  “Roll It, Light It” (Travis Barker Remix)

And here’s the video of the original mix to end this post on. 4/20 may have passed, but you can still puff puff pass ya get me?