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The Challenge

I've had a personally very exciting and rewarding last few weeks. Well not one to dwell too long on that I am moving on. A phrase that has stuck with me for some months now is always my first thought when attempting anything now, Further & Faster. Do read on.... Whilst laying with my son in his bed at 5am this morning I was given ample time to think about the next two weeks. I've not had much success as setting (or achieving) short term goals. Long term is a different story altogether but I feel it important to work at this and see the benefits as far outweighing any cons. In 2 weeks time I'm off to Amsterdam for another Line Opening and 3 days of meetings. Some might find this as exciting as hammering nails into their eyes. Those people do not work for the company I work for, nor dare I say have as much passion for the job as I do. I've been working my ass off lately (more so than usual) which has made doing anything else but work very difficult, including e

Gumball3000 2011- London

Thursday morning was the official start of the 13th edition of the Gumball3000 rally, and it was happening no more than 10 minutes from where I work, so I blew off the morning and headed over nice and early to check things out. This was my first personal experience with Gumball3000. I naturally expected insane cars, sexy chicks and a ton of Ballers. I was not disappointed. What I hadn’t counted on was the hands on experience and large fan base that really made the event come alive. What many probably hadn’t counted on was the stereotypical London weather. Sun, Showers and plenty of Chills. Chills from more than just the shiny cars and ample cleavage and ass cheeks on display. But no one paid the weather any attention. The crowd happily ebbed and flowed, gazed in awe at the 100+ cars on display and got to see some heroes to top it all off. Well I’m speaking for myself really. There was no way I was passing up the opportunity to see some of the coolest guys on the planet. Living leg

Gumball 3000

Image Cars will be on display from 9:00am and the flag drops at MIDDAY! Personally I'm looking forward to seeing the likes of Estevan Oriol, DJ Muggs and Bun B to name just a few of the Ballers set for the European Tour. I'll be there early trying to get a good look and snap some photos. Beats the shit outta being at work! Wish I was at the Launch Party tonight at the Playboy Club ! Sent out my plea on Facebook and Twitter, a man can dream........ -Bossman


Thank you to Highsnobiety for this clip. Highsnobiety TV - A Set Free Minute with Mr. Cartoon on 50 Cent from Highsnobiety on Vimeo .

I came to get down

House of Pain , July 28th @ Scala, London . I was fortunate enough to catch two thirds of the Soul Assassins crew - Cypress Hill and Funkdoobiest - live back in the day in London. I am sure I have the ticket stub somewhere safe and could give you the exact date, just not right now.  This is huge for me and I can't wait. Dreams do come true. I'll speak for myself, but there was never any question as to their ability, giving them credibility not often as readily afforded from either Coast. Hip Hop was blessed in the early 90's and none more so than with these peckerwoods. Raw, confident, and early interviews have shown they were already planning their future. For all the hype over the Irish horns blaring on Jump Around, this was no fad. The group (and the song) had longevity stamped all over them long before their second LP dropped. When you are as good as they continue to be, it's no fluke, stroke of luck, dance gimmick, clothin


Bloodbath, Soul Assassins, and Tradition When Muggs speaks, you listen. With your eyes, ears and Soul. SA ALL DAY. -Bossman

Verbal and Yoon

I got to meet one of my favourite artists today, Verbal of m-flo/Teriyaki Boyz fame. He is currently touring the country to promote his first solo album, visionair.  He is DJing at a local club tonight. Now, I am a strong believer of "It's not what you know, it's who you know" and this was certainly what happened today. I was in town picking up a shirt from Hoods (the local neighborhood store) and popped into Swagger on my way home to catch up with the guys that work there.  After getting an early look at the Swagger A/W collection, Yutaka-san casually said "oh, Verbal's next door. You wanna meet him?".  I have been a big fan of Verbal throughout his career from m-flo trough to the Teriyaki Boyz and now onto his solo career. Of course, I said yes. Verbal spent many years living in America so his English is perfect and we had a good chat about Ambush, his clothing and jewellery brand and about Hypebeast (he has a blog on the site).  I also got

Times Up

An end to the evil we knew as Osama Bin Laden, and a nice story albeit 10 years later than planned. Tim O'Brien for Time Magazine Stand up for the Navy Seals, the Military in it's entirety, our President (past and present), the Government and most of all the People. -Bossman75