Verbal and Yoon

I got to meet one of my favourite artists today, Verbal of m-flo/Teriyaki Boyz fame.

He is currently touring the country to promote his first solo album, visionair.  He is DJing at a local club tonight.

Now, I am a strong believer of "It's not what you know, it's who you know" and this was certainly what happened today.

I was in town picking up a shirt from Hoods (the local neighborhood store) and popped into Swagger on my way home to catch up with the guys that work there.  After getting an early look at the Swagger A/W collection, Yutaka-san casually said "oh, Verbal's next door. You wanna meet him?".  I have been a big fan of Verbal throughout his career from m-flo trough to the Teriyaki Boyz and now onto his solo career. Of course, I said yes.

Verbal spent many years living in America so his English is perfect and we had a good chat about Ambush, his clothing and jewellery brand and about Hypebeast (he has a blog on the site).  I also got to meet his beautiful wife Yoon who is Korean-American and was also really nice.  We spoke to each other for quite a while, covering subjects from living in Japan to Osama Bin Laden lol

I always worry about meeting people that I am such a fan of as I don't want them to turn out to be dicks or something, but these 2 came across as genuinely nice people.  I am happy to say that I am still a fan, maybe even more so than before!

Disclaimer: Yes, I know I look like a complete dork in the picture with Yoon but I was confused about what kinda face to pull, unlike in the Verbal pic where my "Angry Gaijin" face was an obvious choice :)