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Track #3

Album cover for "Endtroducing" by DJ Shadow which included track #3 - "The Number Song" I've spent the last two or three weeks with all sorts of numbers running through my head. For this post initially I wanted to just showcase a few of my favourite numbers and why they were important in my life. Instead I found a very small but effective link to a question you are all welcome to ask yourselves. How much of our lives are not only influenced by but maybe even completely controlled by numbers? In simple terms you need look no further than the biggest of all numerical factors; money. No matter the currency, you cannot escape it and you sure as hell cannot live without it. Everything you do is controlled by money, how much you have and how much you don't have. How much you earn and how much you owe. You want something? How much does it cost . You provide a service? You want to be paid . You may have your own view on the entire situation but it all boils

♪ "Age ain't nothing but a number" ♪

Ohhhh " Throwin' down ain't nothing but a thang" , I always thought it said " Going down " Phew glad I checked before going into that lyric. Just a quick one to say how genuinely touched I was by the turn out for my birthday drinks. Had the pleasure of being with current and ex colleagues, as well as really very good friends. Most of my office were there which was awesome, my angels from Tommy and a couple of the raddest buddies you could ask for from Vans. More and more I understand, and hope I can reflect and pass on, that there is far more value in friendship than any gifts that can be bought or given. Of course I'd say that as I have everything I could possibly need in this world. Sure I still want things, but the list is getting smaller and more significant to my being happy. One strange thing I have noticed however since turning thirty-seven, my sudden change from adoring Dr. Pepper and Snickers  and replacing them with Cherry Coke