♪ "Age ain't nothing but a number" ♪

Ohhhh "Throwin' down ain't nothing but a thang", I always thought it said "Going down" Phew glad I checked before going into that lyric.

Just a quick one to say how genuinely touched I was by the turn out for my birthday drinks.

Had the pleasure of being with current and ex colleagues, as well as really very good friends. Most of my office were there which was awesome, my angels from Tommy and a couple of the raddest buddies you could ask for from Vans.

More and more I understand, and hope I can reflect and pass on, that there is far more value in friendship than any gifts that can be bought or given.

Of course I'd say that as I have everything I could possibly need in this world. Sure I still want things, but the list is getting smaller and more significant to my being happy.

One strange thing I have noticed however since turning thirty-seven, my sudden change from adoring Dr. Pepper and Snickers and replacing them with Cherry Coke and Reeses Peanut butter Cups. What kind of near mid life crisis am I going through and what's next? Panda Pops and Sherbet Dip? I seriously hope not.

If I had to mention a couple things on my wish list they would be easy to do. Certainly top of the list in terms of most happy is the completion of my tattoos. This includes work not yet started by the way, but definitely thought out and artists chosen. This also happens to fall under the most costly of my wishes.

Next would be the Dead Native ring from The Great Frog - http://www.thegreatfroglondon.com/product/dead-native/

Not cheap but far from unobtainable. I love their jewellery, their instagram photos and the whole vibe around the shop. Let's see what the New Year brings in terms of money available to spend.

I do have a secret wish for which I need to contact a man by the name of Toshi 'T-Dog Junior' Takahashi from Dog-State. More to come on this.

And other than that, really I don't have much else on my radar. There are bits and pieces about that I fancy but wouldn't chase and that's a nice big step for me. Far more exciting now is buying BMX gear for my son and Princess Dresses for my daughter. My aim is to always be able to surprise the wife with jewellery but that has taken a back seat for the moment.

So after my birthday I have my first Christmas Party coming up on the thirteenth with Vivobarefoot.

It's local and I get to go home to my own bed (albeit with my daughter in my place no doubt) without the need of a passport. I expect this night to be a lot of fun with really good people. It has had me reminiscing on past parties and just how fortunate I was to experience them. I hope my friends over at Tommy have a great time this year, like always.

Then we have Christmas, which should and will have it's own post.

Oh and the small matter of seeing RANCID on Sunday night with Mel. Cannot tell you how excited I am about this, oh wait I just did.

Really just grateful for the past 12 months and the opportunities given to me. Also for the good health and happiness of my family.

Going forward I am working on a number of topics for blog posts, speaking to fellow bloggers about collaborations and still determined to provide some fun, entertaining and thought provoking content on here.

2013 promises to be a more creative and maybe even (personally and professionally) rewarding year. Why shouldn't it be? What did those pesky Mayans know anyway eh? End of the World indeed. Peace.