The Challenge

I've had a personally very exciting and rewarding last few weeks. Well not one to dwell too long on that I am moving on. A phrase that has stuck with me for some months now is always my first thought when attempting anything now, Further & Faster. Do read on....

Whilst laying with my son in his bed at 5am this morning I was given ample time to think about the next two weeks. I've not had much success as setting (or achieving) short term goals. Long term is a different story altogether but I feel it important to work at this and see the benefits as far outweighing any cons.

In 2 weeks time I'm off to Amsterdam for another Line Opening and 3 days of meetings. Some might find this as exciting as hammering nails into their eyes. Those people do not work for the company I work for, nor dare I say have as much passion for the job as I do.

I've been working my ass off lately (more so than usual) which has made doing anything else but work very difficult, including exercise. For anyone who knows me and follows my blog they know the importance of exercise in my life and the crushing effect it can have emotionally when I am unable to do it.

In an effort to get myself not only back on track but also in better stead for the future I have given myself a challenge.

For the next 2 weeks, on Mon/Wed/Fri I plan to wake at 5:30 and run for 30 minutes, finishing with a cold shower to start my day. In addition to this I will complete 50 push ups daily. My evenings look pretty clear apart from the 7th and 8th June, so I will use the time when physically able (and when not working late) to follow the Sculpt and Sweat routines from Power90. Failure to do these is the only acceptable failure I will allow.

Allowing failure? Yes and no. Failing and torturing myself would come at a much greater cost. Allowing my body (and mind) sufficient time to recover will be needed during this.

And finally, and what might actually prove the most difficult part of this challenge, no biscuits, cakes or chocolate for 2 weeks. These are to be substituted with fruit. And the pleasure of 1 can of Dr Pepper for lunch Mon-Fri at work. No more turning to Coke Zero for my caffeine fix, exercise and wellbeing will take it's place!

Now I'd like to make something clear, I do not have a problem with any of the things I am abstaining from, but it is wise if I am to benefit as much as possible from my 2 week challenge.

Ok really and now Finally, I wish to rid myself of any negativity, and those that cause it intentionally or non intentionally, and defeat it with being absolutely over joyed and positive to the point of making people want to vomit rainbows and unicorns, and sweat huge beads of adorable kittens chasing balls of yarn.

Whilst thinking this through I have also decided upon some long term goals as well. I will tell of these once I complete my 2 week challenge.