It's possible to see The Dead (on your lunch break)

So who goes to a Damien Hirst exhibition on their lunch break? Me, that's who. And why not?

Saw that this was opening today - and only a short walk from my office so off I went.

It was kinda what I expected. Very clean space, skulls and other crazy sh1t, and all of it way too expensive to believe. But that's part of the draw for most I guess right?

The curator lady was very helpful and super knowledgeable. She answered my (what must have seemed remedial) questions with ease and a smile.

However, when she asked me "So do you particularly like Damien Hirst?" and I answered "No, not really, but I love skulls.", she giggled (I'm convinced purely out of politeness) and invested her time and smarts on anyone else but me.

She did permit some photos (no not of her you bunch of sleaze bags), and I left feeling happy I took the opportunity to experience The Dead.

Enjoy my very amateur photos.

And here are some more professional ones -

Oh and before I go, and also saw this today - and if you save the photo it makes the coolest desktop wallpaper ever that knocks the cock off of anything you currently are using.

Unless, yours is Kelly Brook in a triple threat match with Keeley Hazell, Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh. And by triple threat match I mean sex. And by sex I mean Super Soakers full of baby oil and at least half a dozen dismembered arms off those evil Chucky dolls. That's how I roll. Yeah baby.........


Don't look at me like that. There's way weirder out there than me..............or so I've been told. (Damn when my wife reads this I'll never be able to go to Amsterdam again)